Diane Sullivan – Not Just a Potter – ARTpreneur Conference 2009 – Cornwall Ontario

Wow, stunning, detail, I want.   I’ve passed by Diane Sullivan’s studio many times not realizing what lied within.    Ms Sullivan is taking a break between touring to speak at the ARTpreneur Conference at the Ramada Inn & Conference Centre Thursday November 5, 2009.

Her work is detailed and she’s one busy lady; almost like a rock star in that she works in  the studio creating a body of work and then going on tour.    She told me that she loves touring and connecting with people and how important it is.

She sold her spread in Calgary at the right time, and was looking all over Canada for a new location.   Finding Williamsburg so central to Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and the US; and the beauty of the local area she purchased her building and has been smiling since. 

The combination of a 1000′ studio, plus workshop, plus lodgings made this site so attractive to her and the result is some amazing art that can be bought locally.   She’s even having an open house on November 21-22 to sell off some seconds and odds n sods.

What she’s really been getting into is her sculpture; some of which have sold for as much as $3500.00.

As she said “I make stuff, I sell stuff”.

She makes her own custom glazes and has a kiln on site for her own use.  Everything she makes, she makes by hand.    “That’s the magic.”  She loves dishes; Seres, Wedgewood and that love led her to pottery and sculpture.

Diane said you have to “Get the creative side in line.  Don’t get trapped and don’t lose your passion.   Put it out there.  It’s up to the public to respond.”

She also talked about her stint in China and how everything was like a factory system with each step of the process handled like an assembly line with different masters .

As Diane said: “I am my own master.”

She’ll be speaking tomorrow at 9AM sharing her Success Story.  To check out more of Diane’s work visit her website.

See you at the ARTpreneur Conference!

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