ARTpreneur a Blast! Kudos to Alyssa Blais & her team – large crowd, great speakers, Rosita Hall, Noella Cotnam, Diane Sullivan, Lindsay Fair, John Earle & more CORNWALL ONTARIO – November 5, 2009

rosi What  a lovely event that all of Cornwall could be proud of.   The capacity crowd were treated to some talented speakers and there was Art in the rooms.  dianeS From the business of art to its magic a lot was discussed and shared.   Good company; networking; listening; tears; laughter, and more.

It was an amazing day.  Just ask Sara Murphy, Denis Thibault & Alyssa Blais. denis The biggest treat was the keynote speaker Ms Rosita Hall.   rosiYou didn’t need caffeine to kick start your day after listening to her speak.   Pure power and intensity.  She made you laugh; she made you cry; she made think and understand why.    If you ever get a chance to listen to this woman speak grab it!

Earle Local filmmaker John Earle was one of the work shop speakers as well as Legal Expert and Twitter Queen of Cornwall Michele Allinotte. michele All of the speakers were terrific and the crowd were really keen for ARTpreneur 2010.  Get cracking Alyssa!

We’ll be updating this story as the video gets crunched and more info gets sorted.

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