Aren’t the Conservatives Supposed to be Good With Money? Stephen Harper, an Economist? What’s up with this? Fraser Report – November 4, 2009

L I N K It’s like those fake cardboard cheques.  You can print them, but are they real?  And in the end does the money actually get to where it’s going?

The Harper Government is coming under fire for its fiscal ineptitude at a time when many Canadians are feeling the pinch of the recession.

“Auditor general Sheila Fraser’s latest compendium of federal misdeeds calls into question the basic competence of a Conservative government already under fire over stimulus squander and the current flu-shot fiasco.

…the Conservatives introduced “sweeping changes” almost two years ago that promised to fast-track foreign skilled workers to meet specific needs of the labour market.

It all sounded good in the press release.

But as Fraser notes: “We saw little evidence that this shift is part of any clear strategy to best meet Canada’s labour needs.”

The measures did manage to reduce the old queue of more than 600,000 skilled workers by 6% last year, mainly by rejecting new applicants or putting them in a different lineup.

Canada Health Infoway is a federal agency that has spent $1.6 billion since 2001, leading the development of a national system of electronic health records.”

There’s billions of dollars that have been spent trying to buy a majority government and attack ads since the last election; mostly on the tax payers back.   Is this truly what Canadian politics have come to?

You’d think someone in the Harper government would’ve noticed the zeal that the US people took in dumping the Bush government to understand the message that pendulums that go too far in one idealogical direction will always come back and knock you on your sweater vest.

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  1. Conservatives being good with money is a myth. Anybody remember Mulroney?

  2. Author

    that’s not fair glassbowl – he kept Karl’s money safe all those years – that should count….

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