Letter to the Editor – Kevin Parkinson – H1N1 – Cornwall Ontario – November 5, 2009

Dear Editor:

The following video clip is a damning indictment of the Council on Foreign Relations which is playing the American public like a fiddle. Their cavalier attitude towards the people and how to manipulate them to take the H1N1 vaccine is both stunning and sinister.Listen for the part which talks about getting the “crazies” to take their medicine- they are the people who are against taking the vaccine. When discussing the best method of getting the masses to agree to take the vaccine, one woman says: “create an artificial shortage of the vaccine, and that should cause people to want to get it.” “We tried that before with the flu vaccine and people lined up all night to get it.”

Meanwhile, there are loud guffaws of laughter from the audience at this tried and true technique.

We need to give our heads a shake when we hear things like this, to fully  understand the arrogance and disdain that these elitists and high ranking government people have for society and for life itself.

These people have no conscience. They have no feelings. They talk about the masses and laugh at the idea of controlling them, treating them no better than animals.

Well, people are waking up, and close to 50% of people in Canada are refusing to take the H1N1 vaccine!


Kevin Parkinson

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