Chi Machines and SoQi Bed Demonstration on Pitt Street – Cornwall Ontario – November 9, 2009


That is a SOQI Bed Set comprising of three Hot Houses and a Chi machine built into a specially designed massage table. It is an effective way to achieve your daily exercise and wellness at home. The Chi machine improves the flow of circulation and oxygen absorption stimulating your energy levels throughout the day.

The Hot House allows Far Infrared Rays to penetrate deep into your body enhancing your local circulation and releasing toxins from the cells. It also regenerates cellular activity and decreases muscle spasms and soreness. Both therapeutic devices are approved by Health Canada.

It’s on display and ready for your assessment at 256 Pitt Street in the Island Ink-Jet store for a limited time. For more information drop into the store and ask for Debra, Stan or Clifford.

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