Jim Brownell – Getting results & jobs for 401 area rest stops – November 9, 2009

Ontario Begins Construction on Local Service Centres

McGuinty Government Creating Jobs, Improving Road Travel Across Ontario

NEWS November 9, 2009

Ontario has begun construction of two state of theart service centres for travellers in the Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry region.

The Bainsville and Morrisburg service centres will provide travellers with eco- and family-friendly facilities by September 2010. They will include quick-service dining, coffee, convenience retail, enhanced truck facilities, tourism information, and modern washrooms.

Initial services, including fuel, washrooms, parking and a convenience store, will be available in July of 2010.

Until July 2010, the Morrisburg centre will provide travellers with interim services including parking, washrooms, water, telephones and limited food services. Signs will also inform area travelers at other exits where they can access 24/7 parking, fuel and food services.

There will be approximately 50 local construction jobs created for these projects, and a total of 350 jobs across the province in the first phase of the revitalization of the service centres.


“We want to ensure that we provide state of the art facilities and to project a positive image of Ontario to all travelers in this province,”  said Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.  “By modernizing the Bainsville and Morrisburg service centres, we are providing immediate construction jobs and also long term positions as staff at these centres.”

“These redeveloped service centres will serve motorists better, while creating or sustaining jobs that will also help boost Ontario’s economy.”

– Jim Bradley, Minister of Transportation


§ Service centres are being updated as their leases expire.

§ The new service centres will be constructed to LEED Silver (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards – a respected green building rating system.

§ In Ontario’s 2009 Budget, the McGuinty government committed $32.5 billion to infrastructure improvements, including $5.6 billion for highways.  These investments are expected to generate 50,000 jobs over two years.


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  1. ““We want to ensure that we provide state of the art facilities and to project a positive image of Ontario to all travelers in this province,” said Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.”

    I`m afraid that Ontario does not have a positive image around the World due to the slaughter of thousands of puppies and dogs in the Province simply due to the way they look.

    In fact Travel Alerts have been issued around the World warning Tourists of the risks they face should they choose to enter Ontario.

    On Nov 18/09 MPP Cheri DiNova will be introducing a Private Member`s Bill aimed at stopping this disgraceful slaughter.

    I urge this Ontario MPP to support her in her efforts to stop this slaughter and to stem the waste of money on this useless piece of Legislation.

    Restore Ontario`s Reputation around the World.

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