South Stormont leads population growth – Roger Sauvé – Part 2 of The People of Cornwall and SD&G – November 9, 2010

roger Roger Sauvé – The People of Cornwall and SD&G – A 10 week feature for the Cornwall Free News – Week 2 – South Stormont leads population growth

People seem to be moving West … just West of Cornwall that is. Over the period between the 2001 Census and the 2006 Census the Township of South Stormont grew by almost 600 residents. In percentage terms, this is +4.8% and much larger than anywhere else in SD&G.

Detailed estimates at the level of Townships are only available every five years through the Statistics Canada Census of population. The next Census will be in 2011 with the first estimates available about one year later.

Census estimates of SD&G total population
Population % change from 2001 to 2006
Area ranked by % growth in population  2001 to 2006 2001 2006 % change Ranking
South Stormont 11,941 12,520 +4.8% 1st
South Glengarry 12,700 12,880 +1.4% 2nd
Cornwall 45,640 45,965 +0.7% 3rd tie
North Dundas 11,014 11,095 +0.7% 3rd tie
North Glengarry 10,589 10,635 +0.4% 5th
North Stormont 6,855 6,769 -1.3% 6th
South Dundas 10,783 10,535 -2.3% 7th
Total SD&G as per Statistics Canada Census 109,522 110,399 0.8% Total
Note: The previous column had a slightly different total population estimate. Both estimates are taken directly from Statistics Canada. The estimate presented last week is an update at the total SD&G level only while the Census numbers have not, and will not, be updated.

South Glengarry has the most people among the Townships with a population of 12,880 in 2006. South Glengarry grew the second fastest at +1.4% among the Townships. Not big numbers but it was an increase of 180 people. I moved back to South Glengarry from Victoria in late 2006 and thus the increase may now be 181 people. Of course, this was wiped out by someone I know who moved to Cornwall. As will be seen later, we do move often. Cornwall and North Dundas both grew by +0.7% over the period. North Glengarry also managed to post a small gain of +0.4%.

Two townships were just not able to maintain their population base over the period. North Stormont lost -1.3% of its population while South Dundas lost -2.3% of its base.

Cornwall is home to over four out of every 10 residents of SD&G. It is fascinating that almost half (43% to be exact) of all Cornwall residents in 2006 had a different address than in 2001. This may be tough for the Post Office but it sure is great for real estate, rental agents and moving companies.  About 29% of the people who lived in Cornwall in 2006 had changed addresses within Cornwall during the previous five years. About 9% percent moved to Cornwall from elsewhere in Ontario, 3% moved in from another province and 2% from elsewhere in the world.

The percentage that had a different address is much smaller in each of the Townships with the most movers in South Glengarry (33%) and the fewest movers in North Dundas (27%).  

(Week 3 will examine the changing age make-up in SD&G … fewer young people, more boomers and soon to be many more seniors.)

Roger Sauvé is President of People Patterns Consulting ( Roger is an economist and demographer and lives in Summerstown.

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