Maple Leaf Slimy, Mouldy too according to Health Department Report – November 9, 2009

L I N K Hope you’re not eating  as you read this story.    Maple Leaf Foods, that company that gave you the Listeriosis scare a while back is in hot water for issues regarding all sorts of nastiness.

But during a checkup less than a month later, Canadian Food Inspection Agency staff found mould on the walls and floor, slime underneath a meat-trimming table, leftover meat on wheeled container bins and rusty equipment.

The infractions are listed on an inspection report dated Oct. 10, 2008. They include:

-slime on part of the meat-trimming table in the curing room;

-meat debris on two steel container bins and unidentified debris on the brine tank in the curing room;

-a moist and mouldy cardboard sheet on the base of a skid in the curing room that holds bags of salt;

-mouldy caulking on the walls of the meat-defrosting room;

-a stack of dirty, mouldy and broken skids left in the frozen packoff room during cleaning;

-food debris on knife holders, floor and meat containers in the formulation room; and,

-rust on equipment used to process mock chicken.”

So do you still eat Maple Leaf products and do you think they’re safe?

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