Polar Bear Hunting Quoatas and Bans Hot Topic in Nunavut – November 9, 2009

L I N K Hunting, culture, and bottom line financial survival have people talking in Nunavut; chiefly Baffin Island.    I spent some time in Iqualuit and understand the impact of hunting on that community.

With sea ice melting and scientists debating local culture for bears that cross many boundaries it’s a topic of concern.

The US is calling for a ban on Polar Bear hunting period.

“Inuit fear pressure from conservationists will lead to polar bear prohibition, and turn Inuit hunters into international pariahs, as east coast sealers have been demonized by the campaign against killing baby harp seals.

Foreign sport hunters pay $25,000 or more to Inuit guides for the chance to bag a polar bear under a quota system, which also provides food and income from sales of trophies, clothing, and other items made from harvested bears.

A hamlet allowed to hunt 30 polar bears typically sets aside 10 for sport hunters, raising around a quarter of a million dollars for a community desperately short of jobs and money, Toomasie said.”

What do you think Cornwall?

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