Cornwall Free News passes Seaway News in rankings – Cornwall Ontario – November 9, 2009  is a website that measures web traffic.   Some sites make very silly claims about their traffic, but Alexa can clear some of those statements up which is very important when you have to decide things like where to advertise.

We love all the local media in town and think there’s lots of room for diversity and that the more this area gets covered the more that people will get an opportunity to discover Cornwall and SD&SG.

But that’s not what this story is about.    The Seaway News is a long established newspaper in Cornwall.   This month, for the first time we surpassed them in some key traffic numbers which you could look up on Alexa yourself.

Traffic Ranking in Canada:  Cornwall Free News 60,814  Seaway News 107,433

% of Readers from Canada:  Cornwall Free News 76.1%  Seaway News 63.8%

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