Earth Matters – New Column written by Area Artist Jacqueline Milner – November 17, 2009

by Jacqueline Milner:

Each new day brings new beginnings and opportunity.  Opportunity to be a better friend to the Earth whose health and wellness is necessary to sustain us and every living thing which resides with us.  This Earth requires our love and respect so that the Circle can remain whole.

I know that each small act that we perform to make our planet a more hospitable and loving place has immense power and potential. With pen and heart it is my intention to share with you, things that each of us can do to insure our planet is healthy, strong and clean.  If it is to be, let it begin with me! And so begins my journey with Earth Matters.

Have you ever noticed the incredible amount of waste generated with take-out food orders?  I find it almost sinful.  The plates, cups, lids, straws, utensils…much of which is not recyclable nor compostable.  I have started asking for environmental solutions for my take out requirements.  I will first ask if they have compostable containers and utensils for their meals.  I would propose that we each do this each time we are about to place a take-out order.  Why?  If we don’t ask, we will not get.  At the very least we are putting the thought into the heads of the business that we are currently face to face with.  Of course there are several ways to deal with this take-out dilemma and still be kind to the planet.

We can bring our own washable containers to our favourite restaurant to fill.  Now I have done this for coffee however not for my lunch on the go.  When I do try this, I will most definitely share my experience.  And lastly, we can simply refrain from ordering take-out food from businesses that do not use compostable containers and utensils.  By the way folks, compostable containers for hot and cold food, which are usually made of corn and potato material, are available on the market.  I am guessing from my own purchase experience that they are currently more expensive than their plastic non-compostable counterpart however; we have to be willing to take the bull by the horns out of consideration for our planet.  With the increased supply and demand of compostable containers, the prices would eventually drop and level out.  And even if the prices didn’t drop; are we not worth the expense?  Lastly may I suggest that we let our take-out food vendors know how much better we would feel purchasing from them, and how much we would appreciate their switch to doing business in a fashion that is more respectful and caring to our planet.  P.S.  If there are any food service businesses out there who have or are willing to take on the ambitious target of zero-waste meals…please let me know.  Talk soon…J.

You will notice that under the heading of each title is a Comments link which you may access to share your thoughts and ideas.  Our planet requires our action and attention. Your commentary is encouraged and appreciated.

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