HST a boon to the East Coast – Newfoundland Happy – So why the teeth grinding in Ontario & BC?

We all want better jobs; a better economy, more chickens in our pots so why when a progressive tax is put in place is there so much hoopla to try and bring it down?  To me it comes down to partisan politics and that’s sad for something as important as our country’s economic future.

L I N K “Studies indicate that capital investment on a per capita basis jumped significantly in the years immediately following the 1997 harmonization in Newfoundland and two other Atlantic provinces.

“It is very clear coming out of this recession that it can’t be business as usual. For us to recover and restore the jobs lost, we have to put in place a strategy for economic growth. The HST is not an attractive political move, but it is an important part of the economic puzzle.”

So there you have it.   Yes, some things are going to cost more, but if more people are working and more people actually have a salary to spend that’s not a bad thing.

There’s no such thing as a good tax, but to me if you’re going to have a tax I’d rather it be a consumptive one that helps business, because in the end it’s business that makes our country work.

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  1. Anyone can massage statistics to show whatever they want. By taxing everything that is not presently taxed, how is that going to create more jobs? Or perhaps the thinking is “In order to pay the higher taxes, more people will be forced to work”. Don’t you just love those Fiberals?

  2. Author

    Hi Stan,

    Wasn’t it Brian Mulroney and his Conservative government that brought us the GST?

  3. Yes Admin, and it turned out to be so successful for Canada, the USA and Mexico.

  4. That would be NAFTA Stan, again, well ahead of its time. Had that come out 15 years later, would have been better.

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