Vatican Embracing the Arts – Why not the Cornwall 3 Plus One Arena Project? Sunday November 22, 2009

L I N K “Pope Benedict has invited international artists, sculptors, architects, musicians, film directors and even a solitary Italian prima ballerina to meet him under the soaring vaulted ceiling of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in the Vatican on Saturday to begin a new dialogue between the Catholic Church and the arts.”

vat The Arts make things happen and they generally have a long shelf life.   From the labels on the products on your shelf to what you see & hear about you in your every day life art has played some part in everything’s creation.

“Within months of his appointment, Archbishop Ravasi was suggesting a Vatican cultural presence not only at the Venice Biennale but at the Frankfurt book fair and “an analogous presence in those places where the new artistic vocabulary is elaborated”.

“Today our problem is to get ordinary people to welcome this type of art. We need to help them to understand that art is part of the spirit,” Archbishop Ravasi said.”

It’s said in some places in Canada that hockey palaces have replaced places of worship.   I won’t comment on that, but I will say that it would be incredible for the facility and the people of Cornwall if the people who are responsible for the creation of this arena embraced the role that the Arts could play in making this facility truly successful.

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  1. This would be a wonderful venue for an Artist Run Gallery. I would be a willing particpant to lend support, ideas, artistry, creativity, talent, experience…..wonderful artwork!!

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