PQ Wants to Restrict Access to English Cegeps – November 23, 2009

Well I guess it gets them some attention now that the internet has obliterated the dream and idealogy of Quebec separation.  L I N K The PQ were busy at their language and culture National Council and this was the hot topic.

“Party president Jonathan Valois kicked off the debate with a comment that reflected the mood: There is too much English in Montreal.

“When I can’t buy a bagel in French, it bugs me,” Valois said at a morning plenary session. “And it’s part of daily life for Montrealers.”

Lol, it’s that brainscape that led to more Francophones leaving Quebec during the 70’s and 80’s than non-Francophones.

As a former Montrealer I still find it sad that this kind of thinking has as much impact as it does on such an amazing place.

Hopefully calmer heads will prevail and such a negative step won’t be taken.

What do you think Cornwall as I know there are an awful lot of us ex-pats living here in Cornwall?

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