Glaxo Smith Kline Recall Batch of H1 N1 Vaccine due to high allergic reactions – November 24, 2009

L I N K A batch of over 170,000 doses of H1 N1 flu vaccine have an issue that has resulted in a recall by the drug company Glaxo Smith Kline.  No numbers had been released to qualify how many of that batch had been used.

Last week, the WHO said checks on many of the 30 deaths recorded following mass pandemic flu vaccinations had so far ruled out a direct link to the vaccines.

The fatalities made up a minute fraction of at least 65 million doses of swine flu vaccines which have been administered, said the WHO, citing data from 16 countries.”

Scary times indeed.    The Cornwall Free News suggests that you consult your family doctor if you have one to decide if you are to get the H1 N1 Flu Shot.   There’s a lot of information and misinformation out there and the best bet is to ask a trained professional what you should do.

See our Flu facts page at the top for links to many of the medical organizations that have the information that you may need.

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  1. “The fatalities made up a minute fraction of at least 65 million doses”

    Well as a former medical person, and as a fierce opponent of most all vaccines, for the 30 Plus families who lost their loved one, I doubt stats saying that it is “a minute fraction” is of much consolation to them.


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