Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Big Litter Items Need to be Dumped in Land Fills – November 25, 2009

embanner I spend quite a bit of time driving in and around our rural areas around Cornwall.  What never ceases to amaze me is the amount of garbage strewn about by people.  I have found the strangest things in our country side ditches.

A toilet, chest of drawers, old shingles from a work site and many, many tires.  It is beyond my comprehension that people can be so disrespectful and stingy.

Yes, I say this because it is a fact that larger items need to be taken to land fill sites and there is often a tipping fee involved in leaving the unwanted load on site.  cfnlitterPlease, consider all the rest of us and the animals who have to circumvent your garbage. Please pay the fees to dispose of this refuse properly or wait for large garbage day and have your respective city/county look after it.

Happily, as of September 2009, Ontario introduced the Ontario Tire Stewardship program.  This program was introduced to divert scrap tires from landfill sites.  Apparently some people even burn scrap tires…doesn’t sound too healthy.  An extensive network of collection centers across Ontario will make it easier for people to dispose of their scrap tires with consideration.  There is no cost to the consumer who disposes of his/her tires at these collection centers.  Each person is entitled to take in 4 tires per day to their respective center for recycling.  Check out the following L I N K for a drop location near you.  There are many throughout Cornwall and S.D. &G.  Some only take passenger vehicle tires while others such as BensonTire will take any tire you bring.

These tires will be repurposed as crumb rubber in sports fields, horse arena surfaces and in road surface material.  Recycled products will include playground equipment, soaker hoses and floor mats.  This program is funded by the Tire Manufacturers who must remit a fee to Ontario Tire Stewardship for every tire they sell in the Ontario market.  Please share this information with your friends and family.

You will notice that under the heading of each title is a Comments link which you may access to share your thoughts and ideas.  Our planet requires our action and attention. Your commentary is encouraged and appreciated.

Jacqueline Milner – Photographer/Proprietor/Visual Artist/Environmentalist. Having reverence for all life inspires Milner to take up pen and paper to share Earth Matters. The goal is to inspire love and respect through sharings which can help us be better friends to Mother Earth.  Click here to visit her website.



  1. Have tires for recycling? Read this!!

  2. You can recycle your tires with local sellers at no charge.

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