Akwesasne Plebiscite Results in – Customs Back Yes, Armed No – Akwesasne – November 26, 2009

The results are in.   1562 members participated.   Why members instead of citizens??  The results were for the following two questions.

1) Do you want the CBSA operations to return to the customs facility on Kawehnoke?  1119 voted yes, and 371 voted no.

2) If yes, should the CBSA employees be allowed to return to carry out their duties as armed officers at the customs facility located on Kawehnoke?   Yes 468 No 671.

So a lot less folks voted on question number 2 than question number 1.      You can view the letter from Grand Chief Mitchell by clicking on each page below.

mike1 mike2

What do you think? Is this going to be a step forward towards resolving the Seaway International Bridge Crisis?

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  1. With the Plebiscite in now it’s obvious that we are no further ahead than when this Bridge Issue started. All borders across the country are staffed by armed CBSA employees except this one. The Americans have guns, always have! Tell them that they can’t have guns and see what happens. So when you ask which politician has done the most to resolve the bridge issue the answer is none! They have all gone out and had a chat with a telephone pole and have ALL failed!

  2. What is the difference between a member and a citizen (or resident)?

  3. Author

    Good question….

  4. Hey Stan.. The US customs is not on Akwesasne land.. nor is it in a residential area.

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