Of Thuggery & Toughness – Liberal Tales from the Wilderness, or Cornwall Ontario – November 26th, 2009

L I N K So we had Frank McKenna frankcalling the Harper team a bunch of thugs and today I read a story oozing with desire for some Chretien style alley fighting on behalf of the Liberals.    Is it perhaps that many Liberals are fed up with not really fighting back against Harper style 3rd rate propaganda attack ads?

To me what the Harper team is doing is essentially school yard swarming and bullying.   Rip & tear wolf pack, but no real spine.    I think that’s why people like Frank McKenna are finally speaking out.   The Recent Colvin Affair again shows how the Harper Government works and how low it will go to maintain power.

“The Liberals don’t need to go into a long, slow rebuild full of introspection and self-flagellation. If they are capable of losing 10 points in the polls in a few months – interestingly none of those lost 10 have gone to the Conservatives – they can gain 10 back in a few months.

Leaders score on personality, on policy and on politics (tactics). Mr. Harper scores strongly on only one of the three. On personality, he’ll never win a charisma prize. On issues, not many are impressed by the soaring deficit, the war, his non-record on the environment. It’s tactics, a principal one being his shameless use of the sledgehammer.”

I can’t  imagine if Jean Chretien jcvpor Frank McKenna were leader the Harper team getting away with what they have?     In our riding I covered the last election.    I saw Guy Lauzon fumble through canned speech night after night while the other candidates tried to take the high road.

You have to shine like a super nova to make that work.    Next time around in our riding Emperor Lauzon will not be metaphorically as well dressed.  There are a lot of complaints and issues.   Jobs have not gone up because of his actions no matter how much of Jim Brownell & Bob Kilger’s work Mr. Lauzon takes credit for.

The bridge crisis is a crisis due in large part to our MP giving the government a free pass.  Could you see Ed Lumley allowing this sort of nonsense to go on the way it has here?

Ms Bernadette Clement suggests a new approach.    I’m all for new approaches.  In life there’s always something to learn and evolve to, but sometimes, when you’re in a dark alley, and you have to fight to get to the other end, you need to be tough; you need to fight, and you need to win, because if you don’t, you just won’t get to the other side.

Same goes for Ms Darlene Jalbert and even David Rawnsley.    If they want to win this next election in SD & SG they will have to show up and have to actually beat the incumbent and other candidates.

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  1. I don’t know why Frank McKenna would even call the Conservative Party “a bunch of thugs” when as we all know, thuggery was invented by alley cats and Jean Chretien of the Liberal Party when they thought EVERYTHING belonged to the Liberal Party and didn’t care who’s toes they stepped on to get their “entitlements”. Just look at their antics that came to light during their last term in office and McKenna is just a mouthpiece for Ignatieff trying to keep the heat off of the boss.
    The Conservatives have done a great job with the IMPORTANT issues while they have governed this great country. Say what you will about Guy Lauzon, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party, if an election were to be held today, all polls point to a majority Conservative government.

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