Toronto Humane Society Chief Vet & Staffers charged with cruelty to Animals – November 26, 2009

L I N K This should be an interesting case.  For years now Humane Society’s in Ontario have been given increased control over animal control and done some very odd things.    I know of a case here in Eastern Ontario that involved some issues that are in front of the courts that resulted in a shelter having a woman’s cats confiscated with many put down for the most illogical of reasons.

“Humane Society president Tim Trow is facing Criminal Code charges of animal cruelty, conspiracy to commit cruelty to animals and obstruction of a peace officer. If convicted, Mr. Trow faces a maximum penalty of $2,000 and six months in jail for the animal cruelty charges, and two years in jail for the obstruction charges.

Head veterinarian Steve Sheridan, shelter manager Gary McCracken, manager Romeo Bernadino and shelter supervisor Andy Bechtel have also been arrested and face animal cruelty charges under the criminal code.”

I think somewhere along the way quite a few shelters have become cash cows for vet practices instead of doing what they really should be doing and taking care of animals.   I also know of a case recently where someone that couldn’t afford to treat their animal had it taken away from them; treated, and then “adopted” out of the shelter which was I’m sure very traumatic for the animal.

“[OSPCA] officer [Kevin] Strooband recalled one animal in particular. He came in and lifted a cat and its skin came off in his hands,” Mr. Avery told reporters outside the THS building.”

“Since The Globe’s stories were published, the THS has launched a number of lawsuits against former staff members and the OSPCA funded with money donated for animal care.

If these allegations are true the sentences should be a lot longer than two years indeed.

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  1. These people who make animals suffer should all contract a bad form of cancer so they can know what real pain is!

  2. i am appalled that a humane society that advertises and fundraises nationally should even be suspected of such things. i have been a supporter of my local shelter for many years and adopted many cats from them…i foster for our local shelter, who as far as i can see, treat their animals with kindness and respect. i do not understand why euthanasia is an issue…sometimes it is the only kind and humane option..but i guess it doesn’t look good in promos. and as for feeding sick cats expired food, and some of the other things being said…i hope they all go to jail and the shelter becomes part of the ospca..who at least have some oversight. shame on all involved.

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