Facet-nating – Diamond Legend Comes to Cornwall Ontario – Sir Gabriel (Gabi) Tolkowski – November 27, 2009

Life rarely gives glimpses to genius.   The difference between madness and greatness is light, shadows, perception.    Part Salvador Dali, part Albert Einstein.   His hands waving, hair flowing in odd directions Sir Gabriel Tolkowsky, gab the master diamond cutter responsible for De Beers Centenary Diamond insured for over $100,000,000.00 (that’s 100 million for those who can’t count zeros that well)   That diamond which started out at 599 carats ended up as a finished 273.85 took over 15 craftsmen over 3 years to finish, and still is the worlds largest and said to be most perfect of its kind ever.

110Mraw 100M1 These pictures do not do justice to these truly historic gemstones.

Gabi is the nephew of Marcel Tolkowsky considered the father of many of the diamond cutting standards of today and engineer by trade.   Cutting diamonds is part art, part mathematics.

Mr. Tolkowsky is on a North American tour and visited Pommier Jewellers, the only store in Eastern Ontario to feature his line of fine hand crafted Diamonds.  There’s one retail outlet in Ottawa and none in Montreal.

Watching Gabi passionately talk about diamonds, their history, his family’s history (he’s a 6th generation Diamond Master) you can feel how you can take a stone like this one raw and turn it into this fin You can see his line of fine Gabrielle diamonds at Pommier Jewellers, but if you want to really make that special person in your life smile for Christmas you should get your shopping done early as Gabrielle Diamond Gift Pieces are hard to get as they are not machine made.   gabdisp3Luckily Andre and the rest of the Pommier Jewellers team are available to help you find that brilliant piece to make your holidays special.

As Gabi said, there’s nothing more intimate than the relationship between a woman and her diamonds.   The unique secrets of each diamond as unique as the secrets of their owner.

gabandA Gabi, Andre & Georges Pommier.

To see a brief movie of the Tolkowsky family click HERE

Visit Andre Pommier the 4th generation of Jewellers at Pommier Jewellers this Holday season for all of your gift needs at 6 Second Street East in Downtown Cornwall Ontario!gabdisp2

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  1. Hello to you precious friends,
    Do like your descriptions and text. You should have mentioned that the polished diamond aside the rough one was not polished by me but is effectively the “Excelsior” a most famous historical diamond.
    All the best to you all from Lydia and Gabi

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