Isn’t the Snow Pretty – Big Chunks Falling on Cornwall Ontario – Tuesday December 1, 2009

It seems we’re having our first snow storm of the year this morning.  The weather forecast isn’t predicting this, but it’s falling down in those lovely big Christmas-like chunks!

If you’re staying home you may want to order in some munchies or pizza from Roma’s Restaurant at 200 Mc Connell

A steamy hot cup of  Coffey’s Coffee, and a book would be an ideal way to spend a snowy afternoon as well, after catching up on the world here at The Cornwall Free News.

And if you’ve signed up with Syljack Snow Removal at 613.931.3366 then you won’t have to worry about getting out of your driveway all winter.    

Christmas is 25 days away.   Please remember to shop locally, spend locally, and advertise locally, and thank you for considering all of our fine sponsors.


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