OPP Focus on Safe Driving – It’s Ticket Time! Follow the Rules – SD&SG Ontario – December 2, 2009


(SD&G Counties) – The SD&G Ontario Provincial Police will be using all available resources and personnel over the festive season to crack down on those who drink and drive and those who fail to buckle up on all our roadways.

Motorists are reminded to:

  • Slow down and drive to the weather and road conditions;
  • Leave more space between vehicles. Stopping distances are at least double on snowy roads, and even longer in icy conditions;
  • Be ready for rapidly changing conditions. Blowing snow may suddenly reduce visibility, and gusting winds can cause ice to form quickly;
  • Monitor road and weather conditions. Check local media and road authority websites for conditions and closures before you leave home or work and listen to local radio during your journey;
  • Have your motor vehicle checked and ensure all is in working order
  • Ensure your motor vehicle lights are turned on [to see and be seen]
  • Make sure all windows are free of snow, ice and frost to ensure a clear view

[Driving with obstructed view is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act]

  • Have your wiper blades checked and replaced, if necessary;
  • Have winter tires installed (four is recommended);
  • Dress for winter;
  • Keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle (blanket, flashlight, candle, cell phone and some food or drinks.

SD&G OPP officers will enforce and educate motorists on all roadways in SD&G counties with appropriate action to ensure a safe trip for all the motoring public.

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  1. One more thing. Don’t leave the car keys hanging on a hook by the front door at night. If someone breaks into your house, they can steal your car as well.
    For more information on this point, contact the Long Sault OPP.

  2. I find it quite strange that someone would break into a policewomans house in order to find the keys and then steal them so that they could steal the car. Breaking & Entering, Stealing the Keys, Stealing the Car, Stealing the Gun, Ammunition & Pepper Spray from the lock box (was it locked too or did they have to steal some other keys?), Steal the Body-Armour, Steal items of Clothing, etc., etc.
    Are we being asked to believe this story? Or are we missing something?

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