UPDATE Davis vs CBSA – Canadian Human Rights Tribunal – Cornwall Ontario – December 2, 2009

Nav Can is an amazing facility.  I love the place, and it’s neat to wander the halls and drink Star Bucks Coffee in Cornwall. The lunch was super today with lots of healthy choices.   The Mushroom & Barley soup was very popular at the table I lunched with.

It is an amazing place to host an event or conference and I highly recommend it if you’re reading this and are from outside the area.   The facility also has lodging, and a full service health centre including pool.

“The NAV CANADA Training and Conference Centre located in Cornwall, Ontario is the largest conference centre in Eastern Ontario, with 558 guest rooms and more than 50,000 square feet of meeting space. The centre is an anchor venue that attracts large conferences and clients to the area. It combines the technical sophistication of a modern adult learning environment while enjoying the comforts and amenities of a full service conference centre. It comes with complete wellness and fitness facilities and is situated on 70 acres of parkland, adjacent to the St. Lawrence River with close access to 40 kilometres of recreational trails. See their web site at www.conference.navcanada.ca.”

Today was my second visit to the Tribunal of Davis vs CBSA.   Teiohontathe Fallan Davis is taking on the CBSA over her allegations that essentially come down to Racial Profiling.   She’s representing herself supported by her mother Janet, and other supporters.

It at first is an opportunity to communicate to the world some very real and valid issues.    Sadly; at least watching this morning, it was more of a bad episode of Law & Order with the CBSA legal team focusing on discrediting the witness who didn’t do a terribly good job of foiling his efforts.

I think Ms Davis has been very brave.  I also think that this trial is about a lot of things.   A great expanse of information is going to be discussed.  I’m not sure if all of it will be germane to her case, but it will to those that have supported her during the years its taken for this case to get it’s moment.

Teiohontathe lobbied to be allowed to show this NFB documentary by film maker Mort Ransen ( You Are On Indian Land – 1969)  It was a hoot seeing Grand Chief Mike Mitchell when arrested 40 years ago say “See You Guys in Disneyland.”

Click the link to watch You Are On Indian Land WIKI yaoil

As important as this case is going to be to Ms Davis and her supporters if the only people that hear this story are in room 141 during the course of this case will all of her efforts be for naught?

Watching attorney Sean Gaudet sink his legal claws into Teiohontathe reminds me of the analogy of being a pro fighter getting into the ring with a Grand Mother.   Either way you lose.

The Tribunal continues until Friday before it takes a break until December 14th.  It’s open to the public and the parking at Nav Can is free.

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  1. I will agree that Nav Can is a nice addition to Cornwall and Area but for a federal establishment its is decades behind in handicap accessibility. This is an problem that needs to be addressed!

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