20 Centimeter + Snow Fall Predicted for Cornwall Ontario – Wednesday December 9, 2009 – It’s not too late to call Syljack Snow Removal – 613.931.3366

syljackSnow Tires on?  Check – Emergency kit?  Check – Food & Water?  Check?  Syljack Snow Removal for worry free snow removal with one fee for the season?   Uh oh !

It’s not too late.  Call Ryan today at 613.931.3366 and tell them you read about them on the Cornwall Free News – they just may have a bonus for you.  17 years of professional Snow Removal.   Don’t take chances this winter.  Hire the professionals; Syljack Snow RemovalCall Syljack Snow Removal today - 613.931.3366

Call Syljack Snow Removal today – 613.931.3366

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