Anne Jardin-Alexander – Olympic Medalist To Carry Olympic Torch in Cornwall Ontario – December 14, 2009

Olympic Medalist Anne Jardin-Alexander To Carry Olympic Torch in Cornwall

Former Olympic athlete Anne Jardin-Alexander, winner of 2 bronze medals in the Montreal 1976 Olympics , will be carrying the Olympic Torch in Cornwall on December 14th.

Mrs. Jardin-Alexander, now a teacher at Frank Ryan Catholic School in Ottawa, will be bringing a cheering team of over 180 students and 10 teachers with her. “Our students and 10 staff are very excited and keen to travel to Cornwall…They are looking forward to this memorable trip.”

About Anne Jardin-Alexander
Anne Jardin-Alexander was born Anne Jardin in Montréal Québec in 1959.  She won two bronze swimming medals in the Canadian Olympic Games in her hometown of Montreal in 1976.  She finished with a bronze in the  4×100 meter Freestyle and won another bronze in the 4×100 meter Medley.  Anne also broke the world record in the 50 meter Freestyle on August 19, 1978 in Etobicoke Ontario.  Anne also won silver in the 1979 Pan American Games in the 4×100 meter freestyle in San Juan Puerto Rico.

About the Cornwall Torch Relay
The Olympic Torch will be arriving in Cornwall at 11:00 am at Highway 138 and Cornwall Centre Road.  It will then wind its way down Pitt Street to its final destination in Lamoureux Park for the lighting of the ceremonial cauldron at approximately noon.

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  1. I Can’t wait Until I Get To Go Tomorrow, I’m Going With My School General Vanier!

  2. These or any other Olympics are little more than a corporate festival and a human circus… Why such community hysteria and such a rush to flush millions upon millions of dollars down the drain, to support the Olympics (Trademark Registered and Copyrighted) and the fat partying smug elitists on the committee?

    Wouldn’t it be better that Canada take the podium to mark victory over famine and disease? Surely a nation like Canada bathed in wealth and resources could put on a better show than the shallow, narcissistic, swindle and orgy of an Olympics.

    If health and fitness were our aim, the money would go to entire communities that drink filthy water in our country, or to the countless children being fed cheap and unhealthy food, even as their poverty line parents feed corporate profits, or — if the international community of the Olympics is to be believed — the human waves around us, starving, or with malaria, or teeth falling out of their heads, or dying of the measles and tuberculosis that we long ago put behind us.

    We’re focusing resources and our best energies on a frivolous and passing event that highlights not the best of our kind but — judging by the military, police and security presence — instead we’re highlighting the true state of affairs outside of the walled, fenced, and security ringed compounds that are required for this festival. At this moment the resources of local police departments, RCMP, CBSA, CSIS, and the Canadian Armed Forces are concentrated on the Vancouver Olympics, leaving everything and everyone else vulnerable (for heaven’s sake, even tree-huggers armed only with ladders effortlessly stormed Parliament Hill last week).

    And on the local front an embarrassing myth has been formed to protectively wrap our local foolishness and discourage dissent; with cheerleaders less interested in promoting public sport, exercise, nutrition and fitness, than their own political agendas, arenas and profits for developers and private business.

    And lastly, to the lie that financial spin-offs will justify the spending (of money from your pockets, off your tables, off your backs, out of your schools and hospitals) …anyone old enough to have primed a pump will know that using a gallon of water to get a quart, is a losing proposition.

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