US Settle 13 Year Native Claim for 3+ Billion Dollars – December 8, 2009

Cavalry_and_IndiansL I N K After 13 years of fighting in court for claims going back an awfully long time the US government has settled the largest ever Native claim for over 3 billion dollars US.

The tentative agreement, reached late Monday, would resolve a 13-year-old lawsuit over hundreds of thousands of land trust accounts that date to the 19th century. Specialists in federal tribal law described the lawsuit as one of the most important in the history of legal disputes involving the government’s treatment of American Indians.

The dispute arises from a system dating to 1887, when Congress divided many tribal lands into parcels — most from 40 to 160 acres — and assigned them to individual Indians while selling off remaining lands.”

What do you think Cornwall?   Should this be inspiration to the Harper Government to resolve issues with Canadian Natives?

Especially as they battle in court in Montreal over the injunction sought by the MCA to stop the seizure of vehicles by CBSA over non-reporting to the temporary customs base in Cornwall Ontario.

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  1. Well it’s certainly news to me that indians can own land. I was under the impression (maybe mistakenly) that indians had to live on reserves. If they have land then why are they saying we stole their land from them? BTW, is that a picture of Crazy Horse leading General Custer and the 7th Cavalry into that famed trap?

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