Apparently Afghan Whistle Blower Richard Colvin Wasn’t Fibbing?? December 10, 2009

mackayL I N K These could be the last days of Peter MacKay.   Canada’s top General, Walter Natynczyk, essentially discounted the official line on Richard Colvin’s allegations and the Canadian government’s statements regarding their knowledge of treatment of Afghan prisoners.

“Either his credibility is in tatters, or he is not competent to hold the job.

On top of it all, as the truth about the Afghan detainee issue continues to leak out, MacKay’s recent savaging of diplomatic whistleblower Richard Colvin becomes more reprehensible by the day.”

That pretty much sums it up.  Long time diplomats don’t blow whistles frivolously.  It should be interesting to see if Mr. Harper comes to Mr. MacKay’s side or jettisons him; especially with a rumored cabinet shuffle on the horizon.

What do you think Cornwall?

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  1. You know, I actually liked MacKay up until recently with the whistle blowing that Colvin did. In fact, I actually would have preferred MacKay as PM rather than Harper. But with these recent turns of events, this has lowered my faith in the Conservative party to an all time low now.

    I just wonder, was MacKay acting on his own or was he following directives from Harper. If acting on his own, he should be tossed. If acting under directive from Harper, both should be tossed. Or at least Harper anyways. We don’t need YET ANOTHER black eye on our country!

    And shame on them all for attempting to discredit Colvin. I believed Colvin from the start. As I agree, you don’t go and put yourself in that position without having some sort of proof.

    I think our MP, Guy Lauzon, whom appears so strongly spoken about the honor of our military, should say something about this recent black eye, yet again from the Conservative Government. I mean afterall, he likes to use Rememberance Day to try to spread his propaganda about the Liberals, and now look what happened.

  2. I think they should get rid of Ignatieff over this. It was Colvin who was carrying Iggy’s ball!

  3. SSRS, could you please clarify what you mean from your last statement? What does Iggy or the Liberals have to do with Colvin?

  4. grimalot, it’s called politics

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