Cornwall Ontario Episode of Courage in Red airs Sunday night – December 13, 2009

Courage in Red is the new RCMP show featured on the OLN network.  This Sunday night the episode featuring Cornwall Ontario will be aired.

“Taking advantage of our unprecedented access, we show never-before-seen covert units, operations, and personnel. Using the latest in POV cameras that let us get unbelievably close, we take viewers right into the sights, sounds and emotions of the action. Whether it’s a “routine” domestic dispute, or a top-secret Emergency Response Team helicopter rappel, we take you there, right alongside the people making it happen.”

“Episode 3: Customs and Excise

On any given night, if you are listening, you will hear gun-fire in Cornwall. These are warning shots from brazen smugglers, telling the people of the community that they mean business. Everyone is fearful except for the RCMPs Sgt. Michael Harvey and his team. They’re ready for these criminals and make a daily job of standing in their way.”

So will you be watching Cornwall?

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