Diane Francis calls for 1 Child Policy for the World – National Post – December 11, 2009

Birth_rate_figures_for_countriesL I N K China has had the policy in place for decades.   One female, one child.  It’s changed society in China.   Is it limiting births that’s the issue or limiting who can have children?

It seems that the areas of the planet with the highest child birth rates are the places that can least afford it financially, environmentally, and socially in that many of these hot spots have more civil instability.

There are many concepts on this subject and it’s a bit disturbing, to me at least, to see this coming from Canada.   Is Ms Francis suggesting that climate change is due to population size?  Sure we know that pollution is an issue, but is it simply our existence in our numbers?

“China has proven that birth restriction is smart policy. Its middle class grows, all its citizens have housing, health care, education and food, and the one out of five human beings who live there are not overpopulating the planet.”

Well Ms Francis who will take care of the elderly if you drastically reduce the population?  Here in Canada we’re paying more for child support in efforts to get more Canadians to have children, and in Russia there’s currently a depopulation crisis.

Advances in farming, and medical science are advancing our ability to feed our planet and extend our lives.   If we could just evolve politically and socially maybe we all would have a chance to truly live and enjoy this blue marble we all share?   There are technologies available now that could help feed millions if they were made available to willing populations.  Advances in Green technology are our planets future.  Water recovery; soil recovery, forest recovery all adds up.

China for example is having a bit of a crisis over city growth and a shortage of farm labor.   Mother Earth has always been about balance.   We need to listen to her more often rather than perhaps deprive ourselves of children.

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  1. I’d guess that Ms.Francis is an only child!

  2. This new religious belief that Al Gore and his criminal counterparts have implanted into your belief system is not only a lie that has been foiled via ClimateGate, where over ten years of emails were exposed to the public revealing all the lies and deciept. Their plan is to form a world government using these lies claiming in their own documents that they will do this! The CFR, Club of Rome, Bilderburg Group and the UN are all practicing eugenicists. They have a very large ego with fantasies of world domination through bloodlines.
    Anyhow, I could go on, but what you need to do is do your research before you fall to deep into their trap. This media you have printed influences a lot of people and therfore you have to know the whole story before you say things like this statement of One child per family. We are not even a fraction of a problem of global warming because the fact is is that the earth has been cooling for the last eight years and polar bears are the best swimmers on the planet and the glaciers will come back in the winter. Do not fall for their lies and like i said, please do your research. A journalist is supposed to get the whole story and both sides of the story.

    Thank you very much for your time!

  3. Wikipedia:

    Diane Francis is married and has two children.

    enough said

  4. She should start by killing herself. Save the planet Diane. Kill yourself. Pseudo science based on nazi eugenics. Diane Francis would make a good SS.

  5. Another example of tyranny in the name of environmental protection. She completely ignores that the relinquishing of state control over the market is what has induced the growth and prosperity in China, not state enforced birth control. Freedom, not fascism is what enables economic growth, a lesson the US is being repeatedly spanked by.

    As another poster already pointed out, anthropogenic climate change has become a new religious belief. While touting science, doom criers are parroting media non-sense, not any kind of objective truth. A casual search on the subject reveals that there is a great deal of controversy over the entire theory. Everyday the list of dissenting data and scientists grow, while nature shows humanity that their “global consensus” to be a load of hogwash.

    She also ignores the catastrophic effect this law has wrought on families. Limits at the point of a gun, such as she is advocating, have many unintended consequences. One of these is an increase in infanticide. Perhaps she does not mind dead babies, as she is already advocating tyranny over the reproduction of our species.

  6. Should the NWO win and we end up with Concentration or Fema imprisonment camps we as a people should unite and make sure that, Diane Francis is one of the first candidates to be put in confinement!

    Wait until she realizes she is not part of the Elite and learns how quickly the Globalists play the Bait and a Switch Game, like they have just done with the Third World Countries who thought they were going to get all the American money! But ended up having to pay twicw the emissions wealthy countries would! Nice Piece of work you must be Diane!

  7. I suggest Diane Francis kills her own children live on TV before she kills herself ! Come on Diane, be a good sport and show us how you REALLY are.

  8. Diane your comment on one child per household was foolish God said ” Let the children come” I am Catholic and proud that we protect life . Children are very close to Jesus. Do you have a conscious when you expressed your thought trying to tell Americans we need to follow China law on one child ? Do not embellish your reasoning for the comment It just makes you a moon-calf.

  9. You are 100% correct Dianne.
    I have travelled the third world extensivly…and the above
    idiots have no concept of what overpopulation has done.
    The Chinese do…and they did the correct if not popular thing.
    The above uninformed and uneducated are just the usual right wing who have only been to Wasaga Beach …they do not see outside of their picket fence. Their great grandchildren will disown them
    due to their stupidy.
    And you can bet Dianne, that they change the channel fast
    enough when the “please send us money for starving africans comes
    on the TV ads”….They are such hypocrites!!
    Stay strong Ms. Francis…your right and they are wrong.

  10. Population tends to grow fastest when living conditions are best. Therefore, without artificial population control the quality of life will stabilize at a suboptimal level. I’m all for personal freedom until it starts negatively impacting my life, which was a long time ago.

    On the bright side, with resource depletion, ecosystem degradation, and making ourselves the host of choice for disease, it shouldn’t be long before everybody understands.

    Diane, the contrast between you and the brainwashed twit on fox “news” could hardly have been greater. Keep fighting the good fight.

  11. When do we start drowning the girls and keeping the boys?

  12. Diane Francis is one of the smartest people I have ever listened to or read.
    If you just read her column and listen to what she has to say, I don’t think a rational person could disagree. The interviewer on Fox TV is simply an un-educated biased woman who is definitely not on a par in any regard with Diane Francis. She is certainly not in favour of any totalitarian communist type of government. She is simply stating the obvious,(for those who have never been to a third world country and observed the dying and suffering children)
    If finance ministers and for that matter prime ministers, took advice from her, countries would not find themselves in the economic mess we are now in and will be for the forseeable future.

  13. Wonder if the same people who are against abortion are in favor of one-child policies in the third-world. Third-world problems are far greater than overpopulation. Conflict, bad neighbors, corrupt governments, and predatory investors, have far more to do with poverty than too many kids to feed.

    D.Francis is stressing the point that, “The world’s other species, vegetation, resources, oceans, arable land, water supplies and atmosphere are being destroyed and pushed out of existence as a result of humanity’s soaring reproduction rate.” And somehow the third world is responsible because they have higher birthrates.

    “By almost any measure, a small proportion of the world’s people take the majority of the world’s resources and produce the majority of its pollution.” http://www.alternet.org/environment/136449/consumption,_not_population_is_our_main_environmental_threat/

  14. it cracks me up to watch everybody jump on the side of the mob… truth is nobody wants to kill babies or increase abortion or exactly mirror the way china has handled the population problem. that being said lets all be honest with ourselves. there needs to be some sort of global population control, maybe the way china has done it is wrong but i feel they have done the world a favor and even tho the method of which they do it may be bad, i think the end result is very noble and resposible, maybe we can all work together to come up with a better solution to the problem.its called preventive maintanance

  15. I, as well, possess a pit-bull who may be the most adoring animal I’ve ever owned. Quickly, a fresh dog breed will appear together for the media to blast, because they have carried out rotties and dobies in earlier years. Unfortunate that media sensationalism breeds much inaccurate details.

  16. Thanks for that post about your dog, a little bit off topic maybe? Anyways, I wasn’t around when this was fresh so I’m glad you brought it to my attention. Good work, Admin, for bringing up such an important, yet underdiscussed, topic. The posts prove that people are highly mis/uninformed about the dangers of overpopulation and it’s effects on the environment (especially the guy who thinks glaciers come back in the winter…priceless)

    I won’t go on long since this thread has long since died, but I agree that it is time to start knocking off some babies. We simply can’t afford to keep feeding this many people without completely destroying the ecosystem. Excessive agriculture due to overpopulation has destroyed several once powerful societies already, and me must learn from the past or repeat their mistakes.

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