14 Year Old Greeley Radio Pirate Jayhaed Saade Still Spinning Tunes – December 12, 2009

14 year old Jayhead Saade is still cranking out the tunes and emitting radiation from the top of his dad’s hotel in Greeley Ontario despite a second hand delivered notification to cease from Industry Canada and threats of up to $5,000 per day in fines.


“Saade’s father, Georges Saade, is a former 2000 mayoral candidate. He maintains his son did all the work himself.

He initially supported Jayhaed. He said he believed his son was doing something constructive with his time.

However, his stance has changed and both he and his wife have told their son to turn the station off.

“He’s hard-headed. He won’t do it,” Georges said Friday afternoon. “I know it’s not good for him to have it on anymore. I want him to turn it off.”

It should be interesting to see how this plays out.  I just can’t see a 14 year old engineering all of this without his parents help who probably are the ones who get the fine in the end.

What do you think Cornwall?   Should Jayhaed have to go to bed without supper, and no tv or…..radio for a month?

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  1. He should start his web radio station ASAP to benefit from all the press he is currently given.

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