Globalive Wireless – New Wireless Player in Canada – Hopefully will bring more competition to Fat Market – December 13, 2009

windCanada has some funny views about communications.  They tend to grant monopolies that make huge amounts of money for companies like Ma Bell and the cable companies on the back of the users, IE, we taxpayers.  Competition isn’t really heard of.

The result is that Canada has one of the most expensive systems for internet and wireless with lesser quality than most of the US and Europe.

Which makes the results allowing Globalive Wireless to enter the national marketplace.   Maybe someone in Ottawa is listening or maybe Globalive has really good legal representation?

Globalive will entering the Canadian Marketplace under the Wind Mobile brand.   It looks like they plan to be open very very soon.

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?

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  1. Anything that brings down the price and improves the quality of wireless/internet service is a good idea.
    It’s about time.

  2. God Bless America for their lower prices on just about anything!
    When will we learn?

  3. Good news indeed. The so-called “access fee” is nothing more than part of your monthly charge, badly camouflaged by the giant telcos, trying to make it look like some sort of regulatory (governmental) fee. It is not that at all. And kudos to WIND, for their ‘innovative’ approach to the wireless market, but has no-one heard of KOO-DO ? They been around since April 2008, and they do not have an access fee, nor another rip-off, the so-called 911 fee, and they do not force you into a shotgun marriage (long-term, good for them, but bad for us contract). I’ve been with them since they launched, and, unless WIND is more than a ‘passing’ whim, I shall stay with the good folks at KOO-DO. Thanks, JM in Lancaster.

  4. I got news for you my good freind J.M., Koodo: no contract and all, but think about it for a minute, there is a contract with Koodo, they give you a free phone on an “tab”. Hum, let me see if you try to leave after a month or two you will be required to pay for the full price of the phone, sort of like a penalty other companies levy on you when you break your contract. I don’t see Koodo any differently than companies pushing you to sign contracts. Same thing implemented differently.
    By the way, if you did not know, Koodo is a branch of Tulus mobility.
    All I have to say is I will wait and see what wind has to offer and I will be the first one running to them, wheather or not majority canadian owner-ship is the least of my concern. I am realy fedup with current cell phone companies in Toronto

  5. Mumish, you are so right. I did go to Koo-do website, $1.00 for roaming in US. c.50 for a picture? Oh my friend J.M. you are paying alright, you just don’t know it. I just hope WIND don’t turn in to VIRGIN MOBILE.

  6. Author

    Hey Brad what’s wrong with Virgin?

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