14 Year Old Radio Pirate Jayhaed Saade Finally Shut Down – December 15, 2009

The weird and wacky tale of 14 year old Radio Pirate Jayhaed Saade has ended, or paused depending on your source.

L I N K There are 47 pages and comments about the history of the station in this  Digital web forum.   It’s been an odd and interesting story raising many questions.

Obviously this 2000 watt station, operated out of his dad’s Strip Club just outside of Ottawa could have many legal issues including fines from Industry Canada and royalty issues for the music played during the time it was on air.

There are those that consider little Jayhaed a hero,while others are very angry at his father for allowing this to evolve as it has.  There have also been concerns about radiation from the antenna site and the impact on Ottawa area radio stations including some owned by giants like Rogers.   The link to his website has now been pulled as well.

It should be interesting to see how this all plays out.   What do you think Cornwall?

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