Bengal Receiver Chris Henry Dead – RIP – Obituary – December 17, 2009

RIP Cincinatti Bengal receiver Chris Henry has died at the age of 26.  The oft troubled NFL’er had rejuvenated his career, but seems to have a family dispute that ended with him falling off the back of a truck.

L I N K “Henry and former Tennessee cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones became the league’s two most trouble-bound players. Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended both in 2007 — Jones for a full season, Henry for half of it — as part of a toughening of the league’s conduct policy.

When Henry was arrested for a fifth time following that season on an assault charge, the Bengals decided they’d had enough. At his arraignment on April 3, 2008, Municipal Court Judge Bernie Bouchard called Henry “a one-man crime wave.” He was released by the Bengals the same day.

It was a jolt to Henry, who had dreamed of an NFL career since high school, when he got the NFL logo tattooed on the back of his right hand. No team showed an interest in bringing him back. His career seemed finished.

Then, Brown — who refers to himself as “a redeemer” — changed his mind and gave him another chance.”

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