Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Plastic – December 19, 2009

EarthMatterstitle12_08_09What begins with ‘P’ and ends in ‘C’ and is being found in such places as cows stomachs and can often be found trying to camouflage itself in our precious trees?  It is the ‘P’ word. PLASTIC.

It is everywhere. Just pay close attention while you are out this Christmas Season looking for that special gift.  Picked up my mail this morning to find a Photographic Supplier flyer which was sent to me wrapped in plastic.  Besides giving me information on their Christmas specials, they asked if I wanted to save some trees by receiving this information by e-mail.

Well I promptly phoned to sign on for that and commented that if they were really interested in leaving a lighter foot print they might consider eliminating the use of the plastic.  My goodness there are now a few more thousand bags which will still be here in another 300 years just due to this one campaign!

How many other advertisement brochures, flyers and newspapers will we receive this week in plastic?

Well off to look after my daily needs.  In the bathroom I notice the toilet paper roll is empty.  Off to the12rearthmatters12_17_09 closet to stock up the inventory and what do I find?  Sixteen rolls of toilet paper wrapped in plastic.  Goodness, not only is the lot wrapped in plastic but every four rolls are additionally wrapped in plastic.

I am astonished!  This company doesn’t give a crap about how they get the inventory to me to look after the crap.

Mental note to self; do not buy product wrapped like this every again.  I don’t even care if you are as soft as a Persian kitten.

Off to do some Christmas shopping.  I stop at a local fast food place to have some fries with gravy, light on the gravy please and please can I have the fries in your little cardboard container not the Styrofoam plate.  Thank-you.  I go to the rest room to wash my hands and return to find my fries in the container requested with the gravy in a Styrofoam container with a plastic lid and fork. Crap! I think to myself.  I thought the gravy would be on the fries.

Mental Note to self; ask for gravy on the fries the next time, and Jacquie consider carrying a set of utensils in your purse for just such occasions.  Some more garbage allocated to our landfills for the next 300 years.

I decide to visit that little Gift Shop where I will be certain to find that one of a kind, Canadian made gift and what do I pass along the side of the road.  Oh my…the plastic bags are staking their claim by flying their flag in the tree.  Note to self…starting right now, today, I will do everything I can to insure I keep my plastic usage to a minimum and I will ask at all the retail operations that I frequent that they put my purchases in compostable/recyclable bags.

The Cornwall Agape Center is needful of and happy to reuse your plastic bags in their thrift shop.

Ok Mahatma, I will be the change I want to see in the world.

(All photos and images courtesy of Jacqueline Milner)

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