Simon Cowell Leaving Fox’s American Idol According to Brother – December 22 2009

Popular reality television show American Idol may be losing the Queen King of Nasty, Simon Cowell.

Simon’s brother and radio jock brother, Tony Cowell leaked on his radio show.


“Fox is reportedly close to signing “X Factor” and Cowell to a new deal. And while it’s possible, the network might replace Simon with a new judge and air both shows at different times of year, it seems more probable that Fox would end its relationship with “Idol.”

Sounds like a certain host is leveraging his negotiations.   I think they’ll have to pry his fingers from his Coca Cola beverage container before he’d give up his gig on the Fox show.

What do you think Cornwall?  Could anyone replace meanie Simon?

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  1. Absolutely not! No one could replace Simon…

  2. It sucks that Jennifer Lopez couldn’t get to American Idol. It would are already amazing if she could have gotten there. Properly possibly she can get there next season.

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