Tony Clement Sounding Very Liberal – Fed Dollars to R&D – December 28, 2009

Industry Minister Tony Clement talks to the Globe and Mail about the financial recovery.


“If there was one thing you want to achieve in government this year that you believe would help Canada’s industrial sector, what would it be?

[Government and universities have] actively engaged in innovation commercialization along with the private sector. Now we’ve got to connect that to companies that already exist in our private sector to make sure that they can adopt the technology sooner. Because all of the reports that come to me indicate that Canada is fair to middling on adopting new technology and innovation. We’re not excellent at it. So this is the topic that I am going to be focusing on over the next year.”

It’s funny how the government has millions, if not billions of dollars for companies that have essentially failed, yet little to no dollars for newly started companies or newer companies, like say cutting edge media companies that focus on local content?

I don’t think the government should be writing cheques to any company, but if they do there should be some sort of legitimate criteria and these funds should be open to all companies, big or small.

I think there’s a role for government funding in business; but it should always be to benefit the country first, and there should be a legitimate return for any investment.  Government needs to be much more accountable at every level.

What do you think Cornwall?

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  1. Yes the government is accountable for all those billions. Perhaps thats why cutting-edge media companies, that focus on local content, have been overlooked.

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