Jim Brownell Responds to Donna Leroux’s Letter to the Editor – Cornwall Ontario – December 30, 2009

Jim Brownell has been called the hardest working MPP for a reason.   He’s written a letter that will be going to Minister Chris Bentley regarding the Letter to the Editor posted here by Donna Leroux regarding funding for victims of child hood sexual abuse at the inquiry here in Cornwall.

Now that’s fast action.   We have received a copy of that letter.

(Jim Brownell Pictured Left with Premier McGuinty and Local Filmmaker John Earle)

Here’s an excerpt:

“In her letter to the local media, Ms. Leroux has outlined her passionate concern, and she has indicated the need and importance of continued counselling support for those who are still tormented by the demons of childhood sexual abuse.

Minister, I would appreciate your attention to this matter. While I have looked into the eyes of some of these survivors in the past, and noted their will and desire to return to a “normal” life, I’m now hearing about the abandonment many of them feel, with “after Inquiry” funding being cut.

Any attention you may give is appreciated. Should you correspond with Ms. Leroux directly, please copy me on said correspondence. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Jim Brownell, MPP
Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry”

What do you think Cornwall?

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