Patricia Gaete Nailed by OPP for Doing 164KM on 401 – Cornwall Ontario – December 30, 2009

Cornwall Ont

Driver Charged and Motor Vehicle Seized

(South Dundas, ON.) – On December 25th, an SD&G OPP officer performed a traffic stop on a motor vehicle travelling 164 km/hrs on Hwy 401.

The roadside investigation resulted in Patricia Gaete from Montreal, Quebec charged with; Speeding

  • 3 day licence suspension for providing breath sample “warn” on Approved Screening Device
  • Having liquor readily available in motor vehicle

The motor vehicle was also seized for 7 days.

Drive safely this holiday season.  If you get caught we’ll post your name and story here as we just did Patricia’s

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  1. The OPP stopped a Montrealer, with Quebec plates, for speeding?
    I don’t believe it. What is wrong with the OPP? Don’t they realize how much damage they are doing to Canada and national unity by targeting Quebecers? Don’t they understand that in this province, Quebecers have a divine right to speed on all the highways, regardless of the law and the dangers they pose to Ontarians?
    We need a public inquiry about how an OPP officer can take it upon himself (herself) to victimize an innocent Quebecer in such a high handed and unreasonable manner.

  2. What we really need are TOUGHER laws. I think that anyone driving 164 kmh should lose their licence to drive for at least five years. The vehicle should be taken from them and sold….with the proceeds going into the Victim Indemnity Fund or whatever they call it. A second offence would ban a driver for life!
    Thats the only way you’ll ever get through to those knuckleheads! If you’re from Quebec you might be given a bus ticket home.

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