Photo Radar about to be Dropped in Arizona – I say get rid of them all! Cornwall Ontario – January 3, 2010 EDITIORIAL

I don’t like Water Meters, but I hate Photo Radar.   No, I’ve never been caught yet, but to me Photo Radar represents the worst of those paranoid “Big Brother” theories coming home to roost.

Arizona looks like they’ll be pulling theirs down.    Good for them.  Maybe it’s more of a reason to consider visiting them this winter or next depending on if and when they make the move?  L I N K

“Profits are far below expectations, a citizen effort to ban the cameras is gaining steam, the governor has said she does not like the program, and more and more drivers are ignoring the tickets they get in the mail after hearing from fellow speeders that there are often no consequences to doing so.

“I see all the cameras in Arizona completely coming down ” in 2010, said Shawn Dow, chairman of Arizona Citizens Against Photo Radar

I don’t even think most police like it much.    I know that I’ve spoken to an officer or two that loves nailing a high speed racer on the 401 as though it’s a trophy hunt kill.

I know some area’s of Quebec now have photo radar and I can tell you I now avoid Quebec.  It’s not because I’m a speed demon in my old Taurus wagon or Dodge Caravan, it’s the principle.   To me photo radar is cheating.

I know this all sounds a bit insane, but it seems that nowadays because we as a society in so many ways have lost our compass we seem to have to legislate commons sense.

So take em all down.   And I personally say boycott places that have them.  I will not vacation in any place I know of that has photo radar.      And if Cornwall ever even thought to implement such nonsense I’d be the first person to lead a rally against it.

What do you think?

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  1. Photo radar was introduced by Bob Rae and the NDP in 1994 and was a cash-cow for the province. If you remember, it was Mike Harris and the Conservatives that got rid of it in Ontario (It was part of his election platform) because it was just a way of making money and didn’t always target the driver of the vehicle. Tickets were sent to the owners of the vehicle thus denying them due process. If it were to be re-intruduced I would join your rally against it!

  2. Lol! People hate them because they work consistently? Cops hate them because they make traffic cops obsolete? Municipalities hate them because they really do make people slow down and therefore the municipality loses money? Funny stuff 🙂

    To top it all, lord knows I’d hate to deprive a theft financed pig from having a good hunt out there on the theft financed highways. Oh, and the cop hiding in the median with a Radar gun is not cheating?

    Not that any of this crap exists to make driving safer. It is there to fund the state. Here’s a way to make safer drivers: remove seat belts, air bags, speed limits and traffic control devices, then install giant razor sharp spikes in the center of every steering wheel. People will then be more cautious.

  3. Yes, photo radar and specially red light cameras suck for practically all of the stated objections, and the due process issue is interesting. Actually the best reason and this would be most applicable to the radar photos used at red lights. Its a dangerous scenario. As lots of governments are learning , its not quite the lottery or casino they thought it would be, its not free money, the systems are costly to buy and install, costly to maintain, everyone and thier dog has a laundry list of reasons why they in particular despise them.
    But honestly they really are dangerous, in order to maximize the revenue stream from a red light camera, you have to goof with the timing of the transition from when the light turns from green to yellow (caution) to finally red. the timing interval between yellow and red is shortened to in some cases practically nothing and those intersection become traffic accident hell. A once relatively or comparatively so benign intersection becomes a accident waiting the happen, all of the time.
    All in the name of maximizing red light camera revenue. Its a totally morally corrupt practice,
    the government doesn’t need to whore itself out like this. Its a degenerate and reprehensible practice.
    Traffic signals are suppose to promote the safe flow of traffic, red light cameras and that tweaking of the timing interval increases the danger.

  4. Just another reason for donuts instead of work as far as I am concerned. The police are paid to do a job. They should do that job. Not rely on photo radar to remove from their job.

    Not only that, photo radar doesn’t stop the offender. It gets a ticket on the owner of the vehicle.

    Actually, if I recall, wasn’t there some MP or something that got caught on photo radar with another woman in their car instead of their wife. I remember that. It was in the paper. I think that led to divorce if I recall properly. And shortly after, photo radar was banned. I believe this MP had something to do with that as well.

    Funny, but if it serves an MP or government figure better that there be no photo radar, then the same should be for all of the public.

    On another note, Rezrevolt, that cop holding the radar gun is at least doing their job. Regardless of how menial it is, at least they are there. Can’t say the same for when its a photo radar catching you instead.

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