Habs Just Don’t Seem to Want to Win for Carey Price – 1-0 Loss to Buffalo – Edmonton Settles up with Calgary Restaurant for Player’s New Years Eve Party – Kovalev scores 4 against Philly

Carey Price is a good goaltender.   He may even become a great Goaltender.   I’m not so sure though that it will happen in a Montreal Canadiens jersey.

I’m not so sure Jaroslav Halak will be the long term solution, but it’s appearing that for whatever reason if Bob Gainey wants wins then his team needs Jaroslav Halak in between the pipes.

Montreal loss 1-0 to Buffalo last night.  You can’t blame the goalie for that, they didn’t even get out shot or give up 40+, but if the team misses the play-offs is blame really an issue at that point?  Can Bob survive if this squad doesn’t make the play-offs?

Right now their grip is very tenuous at best as there are teams around them with games in hand that if won bump them down to 9th or 1oth place; IE out of a play off spot.

It really appears that the team needs a top six forward more than two great goalies.   The burning egg question is whether to look forward cap wise or going for it this year.   It’s hard to balance things in the cap age.

Scott Gomez doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere and getting him probably landed them Gionta, but mix is Cammallieri, and Plekanec and the need for a Ryan Smyth type player into the mix would make this mighty mites a few inches taller; especially in the play offs.

George Laraque isn’t an answer as he can’t really play hockey.   Travis Moen is an upgrade to Tom Kotsopolous from last year, but he’s not going to get you points on the top six; same so far for Max Pacioretty.

So the trick is now for Bob to get top value for one of his goalies.      Personally I’d love to somehow see a deal between Vancouver and Montreal and have Price go back to BC for Quebec born Roberto Luongo; not that it’d address the forward issue, but if you had Luongo you could probably get closer to a forward for Halak.

In other NHL News;  Looks like Edmonton Oiler management took care of that New Year’s Party in Calgary.

LINK “The GM said the group of nearly 50 people, which tallied up half the bill on booze ranging from shots of tequila to bottles of pricey wine and champagne, wanted a break on the tab.

He said they became so threatening while demanding a 50% discount on the night out, at one point, he even considered calling police.

Terrigno would not elaborate on any developments in the disagreement yesterday, except to confirm some sort of agreement with team members.”

He repeatedly, however, deferred to the team for any details.

“I have come to an agreement with the Edmonton Oilers,” he said. “I am very ecstatic with the agreement.”

Oilers spokesman Allan Watt had earlier said the players had a pre-arranged meal and menu that evening.”

Alex “Big Dawg” Kovalev scored 4 goals against Philadelphia who probably could use Jaroslav Halak at the moment.

“Big Dawg” did so without the help of Jason Spezza, or Daniel Alfredsson which makes the feat more amazing.  Although those Philadelphia goalies were both pretty darn bad.


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