Civic Complex Security Guard Logan Grant Catches Cigarette Smuggling Attempt – By Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – January 6, 2010

Security Guard on the Case

Cornwall Ontario – Civic Complex security guard Logan Grant played a big part in stopping a massive smuggling transaction last week.

While walking through the arena promenade on one of his hourly patrols, where many Cornwallites like to exercise, Grant spotted a boat racing towards the shore.

“As I got to the window they just pulled up to the bank. I tried to get a look at their faces, but the two people in the boat were wearing paintball masks. Once I saw that they were trying to hide their faces I knew something was up,” said Grant.

Grant decided to walk out the north end doors of the complex to investigate. “By the time I climbed over the snow bank and walked towards the water I saw one guy getting back into the boat after dropping off multiple garbage bags,” said Grant.

When asked why he went down to the water to investigate Grant said, “I felt obligated to check out the situation, I felt it was a necessary part of my job.”

Once Grant approached the shoreline, the two occupants slowly drifted away while staring at him. Obviously a bit startled and realizing that their “package” was in jeopardy of being lost, the delivery men decided to stay in eyes view.

“They just drifted off towards the marina while keeping their eyes on me. Once they got far enough away I took the opportunity to run inside and call the Cornwall Police,” said Grant.

The police arrived within minutes of being called. When Grant was asked if there were any signs of anyone there to pick up the contraband he said, “I can’t say for sure but a red Chevy Ventura pulled up shortly after the boat landed.

One of the occupants got outside with a dog and began walking up and down the shoreline actively looking down towards the water. To me it looked like this person was looking for something, but I couldn’t be sure.  Once the police arrived they did not stay long.”

Constable Matthew Lemire was the officer that showed up on the scene. Within 15 minutes Lemire and Logan had the 10 garbage bags filled with contraband in the cruiser and they were off to be destroyed.

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  1. Hopefully the “contraband” was destroyed. If more law-abiding citizens acted as Mr.Grant did, we’d have the problem licked!

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