Getting Ready For More ‘Shock Therapy’ in 2010? – Editorial – Kevin Parkinson – Cornwall Ontario – January 6, 2010

Getting Ready For More ‘Shock Therapy’ in 2010?

Naomi Klein’s, The Shock Doctrine was one of the best books in the last decade to spell out how the world is moving towards a global government, disguised as a benevolent democracy,  in which nation states are brought to their knees at a moment’s notice. Economic shock therapy of all kinds, is the cheapest, most effective way to widen the gap between the rich and the poor, which has always been the goal.

Attacking the Chicago School and Milton Freidman, Klein shows in chapter after chapter in her latest book, that Freidman’s notion of bringing about rapid change can only happen effectively when people are deliberately “shocked” by their governments and leaders.

Freidman traveled the world to bring this message to politicians. After a natural disaster, terrorist threat, economic downturn, biological warfare such as a flu virus, or starting a war are examples of the conditions that are necessary before a government can bring about the change it desires.

Remember the ‘shock and awe’ of the invasion of Iraq. The newspapers and the television networks did their part in promoting the illegal war, with the Orwellian doublespeak at the bottom of the television screens, “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” In this case the people of Iraq were being shocked and terrorized, and the American people(most unknowingly) had their Constitution and their Bill of Rights gutted by the Patriot Act.  Huge steps were made in advancing a Police State in the U.S.

Watch the video clip at which  shows the CIA have been working on this stuff since the 1950’s when they hired a Montreal doctor to research the effects of “shocks” to the brain as a way of interrogating and controlling people. They’ve been perfecting these techniques for 60 years!

Here in Canada we have Prime Minister Harper who has cancelled parliament until March. That means he won’t have to answer to the opposition parties until then, and the media is always carefully controlled anyway, so what’s coming up this winter that Harper needs that kind of separation from the taxpayers? Or will Canada advance its police state agenda using new laws against the Olympic Games’ protesters, who have already been referred to asterrorists– which is a carbon copy of the U.S. party line.  Once the Games are over, Canada will be saddled with these new laws forever, much like the provisions of the Patriot Act.

Here is a list of potential “shocks” that we need to watch for in 2010.

  • Mortgage defaults in the United States, including commercial real estate, caused by higher interest rates
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  • Higher unemployment rate in the U.S.  is a foregone conclusion, and usually understated,  but the truthful figures can emerge when a real shock becomes necessary
  • False flag terrorist attacks in any country could be orchestrated so that a terrorist act is staged to achieve a ‘shock value’ so that other necessary steps can be taken later.  i.e.  9/11, London subway bombings, Madrid bombings, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbour, burning of Reichstag, sinking of Lusitania)
  • Biological Warfare refers to the use of man made viruses to be unleashed on the public to decrease the population, perhaps even geared to certain age groups and races. This dark side of science has been around a long time and is related to eugenics, or population control.
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  • Continuous War is a foregone conclusion. The United States does not want peace since the military-industrial complex needs war and the money from the sale of heroin and oil to survive.  i.e. new wars against Yemen, Iran and perhaps other middle east countries( a bit like the Crusades!)

Your browser may not support display of this image. Weather modification has been researched since the late 60’s and there is growing evidence that systems like HAARP in Alaska can heat temperatures in specific places in the world to cause hurricanes and other so-called natural disasters.

  • Medicare legislation is the United States has been passed into law for 2010, and this will be the last straw for a lot of Americans. Faced with growing unemployment, the lose of their homes, and now the prospect of paying thousands of dollars for public health insurance will literally force Americans into the streets, which will result in the biggest protests since the 1960’s.
  • Government legislation, in general, can cause huge shocks, so keep in mind that countries today are mostly one party states. Forget about the Republicans or Liberals or some other party coming to the rescue. That’s naïve thinking. They’re all in it together and people are starting to realize that now.  Basically, after an election a new party may be elected but they are still responsible to the same masters- the corporations which donated the money to get them there.  Same face, different mask.

So, what can we do to try to prevent some of these things from happening in 2010?

I have already sent a letter to MP Guy Lauzon opposing Bill C-60. Don’t know what C-60 is? Visit my site at and you will see that we have American police forces at our doorstep.

I would suggest that we need a groundswell of local people in Cornwall and area exercising their democratic rights in 2010.

Call MP Guy Lauzon at 613-937-3331, click here,

Tell him just one thing that needs to change in this country.

Maybe start by telling him what you think of Harper proroguing parliament!

A short paragraph is all that is needed. We all need to step up to the plate and protect our eroding democracy.

I am predicting that the next couple of years will be really tough, so that means that we really do need to speak out now, while we are still able.

While I was on a travel tour in Tunisia in 2004, I spoke about the freedom of speech that we have in Canada. The guides said that they had freedom of speech in Tunisia as well. Then I asked them if they ever criticized their government, and would they send a letter to a newspaper stating those criticisms.

They both stared at me glossy eyed and their chins dropped.

“No”, they both answered. “We could never do that; our government wouldn’t permit it.”

The truth is you could be jailed in Tunisia for criticizing the government.

But here in Canada we have the right to criticize government.

But if you don’t use that right, guess what happens?

Your browser may not support display of this image.It is taken away from you.  At that point it will be too late to reclaim that freedom. We will have become a police state.

Kevin Parkinson is an occasional contributor to The Cornwall Free News.  To reach him visit his website.

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