CBC Poll Shows Canadians Don’t like Proroguing any more than on our poll – Facebook Pages racking up members – Cornwall Ontario – January 8, 2010

My dog Melly doesn’t like Stephen Harper Proroguing the Canadian People or dogs either.   She’s not so sure about cats and Hamsters though, and really likes Cheeseburgers.

CBC just released a poll showing that Canadians are really steamed about Proroguing.


“The poll, released exclusively to CBC News on Thursday, found the majority of Canadians surveyed — 67 per cent — are at least somewhat aware of Harper’s decision to prorogue, or shut down, Parliament until March.

Of those who were aware of the decision, 58 per cent opposed the move, the poll found. By comparison, 31 per cent of those polled supported the move.”

Those number echo our own poll which shows local voters not appreciating the move by the Harper Minority government even less.

The EKOS poll also asked Canadians who were aware of the prorogation to choose which one of two statements most closely reflected their views.

Nearly two-thirds — 63 per cent — favoured the statement, “The elected house of Parliament is the proper place to conduct the business of the nation, and suspending Parliament is antidemocratic.”

There is also a facebook page Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament.   To be fair there’s also Canadians FOR Proroguing Parliament who have a cute picture of Stephen Harper holding a little kitty before cooking it.

Here is our poll.   Feel free to vote and post your comments:

Should MPs Draw their Salaries and Accrue Pension time while Prorouged?

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  1. Damned right, lets see Harper say otherwise now… I hope this becomes the opportunity where he goes down and someone competent replaces him. Enough of this “hiding-from-transparency-like-a-chicken****” prorogue!

  2. Cluck-cluck-cluck…….

  3. Ha, the sound Harper makes, yes!

  4. I am really starting to wonder how stupid this counrty has be come to vote in a Dictator. I would really love to work 6 months a yr and be paid for the whole yr. I do not vote and I have no room to complain about the Gov. but I do have a say that some people (Steve) should not be lazy and abuse my tax dollars by paying yourselves for not working.

  5. At last estimate the population of Canada was about 33,873,400. The Facebook gizmo with people protesting the proroguing of parliament stands about 135,000.
    Thats about 0.004% of the population – hardly a majority of protesters!
    I think they’re just the typical complainers – every society has them.

  6. Check your math Stan, that’s 0.4%, and of that 33 million, only about 24 million are eligible voters, and of those, only about 14 million will actually vote. As of 8pm BC Time, there are 162,000 members, who account for approx 1.2% of the VOTING POPULATION. As well, there are approx 6 million Canadian Facebook users, probably 3 million of those are eligible voters. That’s 5% of all facebook users. Now those are numbers that should make S Harper take notice.

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