Stephen Harper to Tighten Canada’s Belt in New Budget – Fighting Deficits Priority – January 7, 2010

Stephen Harper doesn’t sound like a PM that wants an election anytime soon.   He’s talking about the budget due after his prorogation of parliament and governing the country with his minority government intact.

LINK “I have no desire to have a spring election and I don’t think anybody does. I certainly don’t think the public does,” Harper said

“Canadians have given us a mandate — it is a minority mandate —we know we have to work in that context and we will continue to try to do so,” Harper said.

“We do have to cast our minds in terms of the economy, in terms of our budget, to tackling the deficit,” Harper said. “That will obviously be the next phase to ensure that the extraordinary measures we’ve had to undertake don’t result in a permanent deficits. Our focus will start to be on exit strategies from the extraordinary fiscal measures we’ve undertaken.”

The deficit this year will top $55 billion and is forecast at more than $45 billion for the fiscal year ending March 30, 2011.”

What do you think Cornwall?   Do you want a Spring election call?  Feel free to post your comments and vote in our poll.

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  1. What I want is the current government to do it’s job as the Canadian peoples have directed them to. We expect all of the political parties to work together to manage the business of Canada. How can you achieve this if you suspend parliament for 2 months while you get your shit together. Prorogation is counter to the will of the Canadian people and anti-democratic.

  2. I do NOT want another election. Every election the Liberals call for right now is just delivering Canada deeper and deeper into the Harper trap! This is exactly what he wants, an election, he just doesn’t want to call it.

    So I hope for the betterment of the country, that the Liberals/Opposition wise up and not fall for this trap again.

    On that note, I also didn’t want a prorogation of parliament. I find that to be a very “chicken****” tactic by our PM. He spoke of transparency, but when the crap hit the fan, look at what he does to try to hide from the “Truth/Transparency”.

    Any government figure that doesn’t return to Parliament in January should not be collecting a check. All those that are slated to collect a pension soon (ie: Guy Lauzon), should have all the prorogation time in parliament added to the time before they can collect on that pension! And people want to spew rhetoric about the Liberals and their “entitlements” and in the meantime, we have this going on in parliament! For shame!

  3. Go grimalot!

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