Cornwall Ontario Mary Ann Hug Fights for Richmond Drive Residents – City Council Round Up – Monday January 11, 2010

Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mary Ann Hug was not a happy woman last night.

She wasn’t happy with the report from city administration regarding Richmond Drive and scored point after point addressing issues like noise pollution; diesel fumes, flying rocks and small debris in addition to the blasting, and rumbling of trucks that have area residents at wits end.

According to several of the residents in attendance including Wyatt Walsh, Frank Kash, and others the only solution is to ban truck traffic on Richmond Drive as Council had earlier voted for.

Ms Hug pointed out that nothing in the city report mentions dust or allergens stirred up by the speeding trucks.  She said that she’d questioned some police officers who said that if the speed limit were 40KM per hour that tickets usually would not be issued for vehicles driving under 48 KM per hour.

It comes down to what Mr. Frank Kash was saying.  That if the truck ban were in effect it wouldn’t cost Cornwall any money and resolve residents concerns.   Many of the Richmond Drive residents in attendance were bewildered at why the city would consider spending so much money on upgrading Richmond Drive when it really wouldn’t resolve their concerns?

Councilor Bernadette Clement, filling in briefly for Mayor Kilger was concerned about the lack of clarity and was looking for satisfaction.

Mr. Walsh continued that while seismic tests were going to be done for his group to help document and support their concerns.  The group is exploring legal alternatives as well if the city won’t support them and even are considering seeking a closure of one or both of the area quarries as a last ditch measure if necessary.

He reiterated that he simply wants the trucks banned at the very least until more testing was done.     The vote to defer the issue was defeated as many councilors simply felt that would pass the issue on and become an election issue.

It was a busy night indeed.  What do you think Cornwall?  Should Council institute the truck ban or capitulate to Mayor McGillis and the quarries?

Wyatt Walsh  & Cathy Coir


Mr. Joseph Adams.


Mr. Frank Kash


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  1. The City of Cornwall needs to start thinking about us, the people! Institute the truck ban and to hell with what the quarries think!

  2. Mary Ann Hug did her homework. And stood up for the residents of Cornwall. This is the type of councilor Cornwall needs. Where others did not want to make this an election issue, and tried to sweep this issue under the carpet. Mary Ann stood proud as a leader realizing that the electorate will reward the councilors who stand up and intelligently represent them. She was not alone. Syd Gardiner, Andre Rivette, Bernadette Clement all took the time to understand what was going on. There is alot of miss information that surrounds this situation. And these councilors took the time to find out what was going on. Where others took the attitude that there is only a few residents on Richmond Dr. lets just make this go away. Cornwall is not doing as well as people think and it is time to get rid of councilors that aren’t involved and informed. Hats off to Mary Ann for being one councilor who actually cares. She has my vote.

  3. Amen Barbarian! We need people on City Council who really represent us, the public, and not just their own agenda’s. I know a certain newspaper editor who is decidedly in-touch with all of the issues that concern us in Cornwall. He has given his opinions on many of these issues directly in his newspaper. This is the type of person we need on City Council……I’m going to “work” on him to run for Council!

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