“They Took My Whole Room” Ottawa Area Radio Pirate Jayhaed Still Spinning Tunes and Being A Juvenile – Online Now only – January 16, 2010

So I’m listening to little Jayhaed Saade’s online radio station.  He’s busy dropping f-bombs over tracks while soliciting money.  It’s hypnotizing.   It shows what happens when parenting goes awry.     It also gives a reason why some minors should be tried as adults in court.

It looks like he’s a bit unhappy about Industry Canada taking his tower and equipment away.

Twice his station was voluntarily turned off as per written requests from Industry Canada.

Three strikes were enough as the RCMP and Industry Canada representatives showed up at his father’s strip bar and removed the equipment.

Now the minor is online dropping f-bombs and ranting at the world and taking racist shots at “Canadians”.


“Fourteen-year-old Jayhaed Saadé’s pirate radio station 91.9 MIX-FM is again off the air.

RCMP officers arrived at the Saadé Inn International in Gloucester on Friday morning at 9 a.m. to remove the radio station’s broadcasting equipment, said Jayhaed’s father, Georges Saadé.

Georges explained that the RCMP were there on a judge-appointed order and were instructed to remove all of the broadcasting equipment.

Jayhaed refused to reveal the location of the equipment and so when the RCMP couldn’t find some of it, they shut off the power to the building and terminated the radio station’s signal.

Georges said that the RCMP told him they would be staying until all of the transmitting equipment was found.”

Most of Jayhaed’s ramblings as we listen at 3:05 PM EST relates to F Bombs and wishing people dead.   While many view Jayhaed as a spirited pirate the reality is that this case shows a reason why there needs to be some sort of rules regarding broadcasting.

Meanwhile Industry Canada is being criticized for not acting strongly enough in punishing Jayhaed and his dad.  LINK

“Industry Canada issued a first warning in early December. Saade went off the air for a day but then started back up. Shortly after midnight on Dec. 14, he went silent again.

Days prior to this, Saade got his second cease-and-desist order from Industry Canada. He was told he faced daily fines and jail time if he continued.

Saade apologized and said he’d apply for a licence.

Industry Canada admits the case with 91.9 isn’t common and there is an active investigation.”

Right now Jayhaed is telling the story of the raid on his station. A lot of “wtf’s” in the story.  He complains about being forced to sit down or be restrained.   Cursing the officers, complaining as he has exams, actually stated that he told the officers that he didn’t have the key to his room and has just admitted to ordering another transmitter, tower, and equipment; this time a 4,000 watt transmitter with a mono signal.  Jayhaed also keeps referring the officers as “Canadians”.

“Owe I just stabbed myself.  I should put the knife away..”  He’s also talking about how deadly the hydro wiring is with his set up.   So if he occidentally zaps himself or someone in his studio is Industry Canada liable?  His dad?

UPDATE – Saturday January 16, 4:30PM

I spoke with Jayhead and asked him a few questions.    The letters sent were to him and his father.   He stated that he’d keep playing no matter what.   Asked about the f-bombing today he said he’s just upset about all his “stuff” being confiscated.

He also stated that he didn’t think Industry Canada’s been going easy on him because he’s underage.   He also expects a hearing and getting his equipment back in 90 days.

What do you think Canada?

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