“They Took My Whole Room” Ottawa Area Radio Pirate Jayhaed Still Spinning Tunes and Being A Juvenile – Online Now only – January 16, 2010

So I’m listening to little Jayhaed Saade’s online radio station.  He’s busy dropping f-bombs over tracks while soliciting money.  It’s hypnotizing.   It shows what happens when parenting goes awry.     It also gives a reason why some minors should be tried as adults in court.

It looks like he’s a bit unhappy about Industry Canada taking his tower and equipment away.

Twice his station was voluntarily turned off as per written requests from Industry Canada.

Three strikes were enough as the RCMP and Industry Canada representatives showed up at his father’s strip bar and removed the equipment.

Now the minor is online dropping f-bombs and ranting at the world and taking racist shots at “Canadians”.


“Fourteen-year-old Jayhaed Saadé’s pirate radio station 91.9 MIX-FM is again off the air.

RCMP officers arrived at the Saadé Inn International in Gloucester on Friday morning at 9 a.m. to remove the radio station’s broadcasting equipment, said Jayhaed’s father, Georges Saadé.

Georges explained that the RCMP were there on a judge-appointed order and were instructed to remove all of the broadcasting equipment.

Jayhaed refused to reveal the location of the equipment and so when the RCMP couldn’t find some of it, they shut off the power to the building and terminated the radio station’s signal.

Georges said that the RCMP told him they would be staying until all of the transmitting equipment was found.”

Most of Jayhaed’s ramblings as we listen at 3:05 PM EST relates to F Bombs and wishing people dead.   While many view Jayhaed as a spirited pirate the reality is that this case shows a reason why there needs to be some sort of rules regarding broadcasting.

Meanwhile Industry Canada is being criticized for not acting strongly enough in punishing Jayhaed and his dad.  LINK

“Industry Canada issued a first warning in early December. Saade went off the air for a day but then started back up. Shortly after midnight on Dec. 14, he went silent again.

Days prior to this, Saade got his second cease-and-desist order from Industry Canada. He was told he faced daily fines and jail time if he continued.

Saade apologized and said he’d apply for a licence.

Industry Canada admits the case with 91.9 isn’t common and there is an active investigation.”

Right now Jayhaed is telling the story of the raid on his station. A lot of “wtf’s” in the story.  He complains about being forced to sit down or be restrained.   Cursing the officers, complaining as he has exams, actually stated that he told the officers that he didn’t have the key to his room and has just admitted to ordering another transmitter, tower, and equipment; this time a 4,000 watt transmitter with a mono signal.  Jayhaed also keeps referring the officers as “Canadians”.

“Owe I just stabbed myself.  I should put the knife away..”  He’s also talking about how deadly the hydro wiring is with his set up.   So if he occidentally zaps himself or someone in his studio is Industry Canada liable?  His dad?

UPDATE – Saturday January 16, 4:30PM

I spoke with Jayhead and asked him a few questions.    The letters sent were to him and his father.   He stated that he’d keep playing no matter what.   Asked about the f-bombing today he said he’s just upset about all his “stuff” being confiscated.

He also stated that he didn’t think Industry Canada’s been going easy on him because he’s underage.   He also expects a hearing and getting his equipment back in 90 days.

What do you think Canada?

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  1. Locking him up and throwing away the key come to mind! Why do these people coming from other countries think they can get away with breaking our laws with impunity? If he’s really underage then let the father pay for his sons transgressions as its really his fault!

  2. This person would have a much bigger audience broadcasting on the web than he would ever have using a radio frequency. And (right now anyway) it’s completely legal.

  3. This kid needs to be taken away from his father who obviously lacks parenting skills since he allows his son to engage in illegal activities and allowing him anywhere near a strip club and the punk should be sent to a boot camp and given some tough love and real discipline. Of course that doesn’t happen in Canada so he probably will continue to do the same thing over and over again. His father definitely is to blame for not doing a better job raising his son, however the son also needs psychiatrict help since he seems to suicidal (by downing a bottle of Advil) and cursing non stop on his show. He needs some help and/or to be thrown out of the country since he doesn’t seem to like ours and our rules!

  4. I agree with Vic. The kid is young enough to be his Parents problem. These are MY words and not Vic’s words. But we are on the same wavelength.

    His parents are doing NOTHING. on this issue.

    They are glad to lock their doors, because they two things. A) They are running an illegal business B) Their Son is running an illegal radio station.

    I am glad IC and RCMP got in.

    Now, what’s next?

  5. Maybe his parents should go to jail since they don’t seem to care if their son is breaking the law and the let him do it.

  6. This kid is nothing but a spoil one and his parents should be answering to the law…..this kid can’t be that stund to know that what he’s doing is wrong….this almost reminds me of The Balloon Boy story….parents coaching this kid to do wrong……this guy just ruined his record….after listening to his 30 minute rant….he lost my respect……

  7. Honestly, deport this kid and his lousy father. You don’t like our rules, then get the f*XX out. You think just because you have the ability to set up a transmitter you should be allowed to broadcast on air? You don’t think that there are NUMEROUS companies trying to get licenses?! You’re also not paying for your music. Industry Canada should fine him like $5,000 a day that he’s on-air. That’ll shut him up. It’s sad this kid is technical guru, but a complete moron to the law, and so damn ignorant to our country.

  8. According to what is said here, the kids behaviour (the language used) was not acceptable, but do we need guys with guns to tell him to stop? Anyway, Industry Canada and CHUM limited were after him before he started misbehaving on the air. This kid has a point thought, our broadcasting laws are obsolete and they only serve the big radio conglomerates. But “T M” is right, the kid would have had a much bigger audience broadcasting on the web, specially with people his generation.

  9. Author

    Jayhaed would’ve had a much more compelling case if he had been more articulate and wanted to do more with his station that drop f-bombs to the beat. There was the kernel of a real story and a real opportunity to discuss the future of radio. Right now the freedom is online, but I’m sure more regulation will eventually catch up with net radio too.

    It’s been a sad waste of resources and Jayhaed and his father have actually given corporate radio and government fodder to create limiting laws in the future.

  10. Members at Digital Home webforum documented Jayhaerd’s MIXFM online webcast today. During the stream he attempted to set up a 30W transmitter and failed. He then began calling the girl from IC who oversaw Friday’s bust. She called the RCMP to notify them of the harassment. He then began to threaten harm against himself until one of the forum members who was listening dialed 911. 5 Ottawa Police arrived and took him for questioning as of 4:30 PM EST.

  11. As a Canadian patriot I say if this kid and his family are not Canadian citizens then lets deport the whole bunch back to where they came from. They dont seem to like our country and its laws so let them go back to their country with their laws. They could rant and rave and transmit their crap from there!

  12. I can’t believe how corrupt people think about others in general. Just because someone has a foreign name` people think that they are not Canadian…Well guess what people this kid is 100% Canadian.

  13. Author

    Homeboy it was this “kid” that was being racist during his blow up freaking on us “Canadians”.

  14. Welcom to the new generations of kids….they wont take no for answer, they thing there above
    all, and thats what happens when you have no Parental authority….as the parents are scared these
    days to do anything cause the kids might call all kinds of support groups that will put the parents
    in trouble… but for this case i think he’s just one big fat loser.
    Fined him, and his parents for wasting police time

  15. YAWN. My my my, quite a group of little fascists spewing here. Obviously the kid is angry at being robbed by the RCMP for having the audacity not to ask permission to turn on his own equipment. I would be angry too, to be stripped of my property by a bunch of flat footed bureaucrats who think they own the electromagnetic spectrum. This is classic protection of the status quo for the benefit of the power elite and nothing more. Great how all the “rules” only serve to empower current businesses to the detriment to upstart entrepreneurs. The lot of you clamoring for deportation and sanctions should examine your own psyche, for you are demonstrating that you are naught but a authoritarian sociopath.

  16. Author

    Now Rezrevolt surely even in your dream world there are some rules and regulations to follow. Yes, I agree with you in that the current ones are too stringent and over protective of certain societal and corporate interests.

    What bothers me most about Jayhaed is that he’s a poster boy for rules and regulations and “Big Brother” can actually support the status quo based on his actions.

  17. why doesn’t he just relaunch with a web-based radio station. radio? that’s so limited and old school

  18. Funny how I obey the rules of society and do not “lose my stuff”. He had notice that action would take place, he obviously is aware of the internet and could search Industry Canada regulations etc. followed the rules and we would not be reading this.

  19. Author

    Quite correct Eric. It’s become very quiet from over in Jayhaed land. Sounds like the lawyers talked some sense into them.

  20. Funny how when slaves follow the dictates of the masters they are not punished. In my dream world people can live with out the violence of the state, but surely there would be rules. The rules of the market would mostly rule out a radio program devoid of compelling content. My world is not so dreamy however, for instance, there has existed in Akwesasne an unlicensed radio station for over 20 years and there has yet to be a problem with it. Other than its format sucking. IMO. The bingo is fun, if you like that sort of thing.

  21. Author

    Jayhaed didn’t even remotely follow safety rules. He was also under age. You can’t compare those two situations fairly. We had to wait nearly a year to get our licensing done so we could play music legally for our online station.

  22. It’s amazing how people here got upset about a kid operating a pirate radio station. That’s hilarious. “What a bad kid those parents have raised…setting up an amateur radio station. Deport them!” What a bunch of hicks we have here. Live and let live. He didn’t hurt anyone. Let him duke it out with the bureaucracy.

  23. Mark…

    You truly have no concept of what an “amateur radio station” is. Have a read at http://www.rac.ca and learn about it before you write such nonsense.

    BTW – you break the law – you pay the price of doing so.

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