Habs Lose Two Games on Weekend – Grit Issues Abound – NHL SCORES – January 18, 2010

Looking at the game against the Rangers last night shows some major issues for the les Bleu, Blanc et Rouges.

TOUGHNESS.    George Laraque was brought it to make the players bigger, but do you really want Benoit Pouliot and Josh Gorges fighting?

The recipe for a win was there last night.  Two goal lead, Halak in nets, being out shot, but then the wheels fell off the truck and a mass of penalty minutes led to the Habs losing 6-2.

Where was Scott Gomez?  0 shots, 0 points, 0 penalty minutes.    Big George played, but drew 0 PMs.   24 penalties were drawn but nada for our Big guy?   When a team like Montreal gets muscled by a team like NY it shows that the Habs are not prime time material.

In the play offs things get tougher, harder, and definitely more physical.


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  1. I really had to search to find this article. Usually news about the Canadiens winning is a lead article. When they lose it gets hidden?

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