MPP Jim Brownell Announces Cornwall Community Hospital Gets $5 Million Annually to Help With Deficit – Cornwall Ontario – January 18, 2010 – Markus Noé

Hospital Gets 5 Million Annually to Help With Deficit

The Cornwall Community Hospital received a much need boost today. It has been well publicized that the CCH has been running a deficit for years.

To help bridge this gap the Ministry of Long-Term care and the Champlain Local Health Integration Network has provided a 5 million dollar funding adjustment.

Internal and external reviews were conducted that revealed that an adjustment was needed in order to continue providing the same level of service.

The CCH could no longer make cut backs like it did this past fall with certain surgical procedures that erased 2.1 million from the deficit.

Local M.P.P Jim Brownell understood this and brought the issue to Queen’s Park and lobbied for the CCH.

“The Cornwall Community hospital has worked very hard and used all the tools possible to address their deficit issue while still providing first rate medical care,” said Brownell. CCH Board Chair Fernand Hamelin understood that it wasn’t easy to come up with the funding and thanked the Ontario government when he said, “We understand the very difficulty economic challenges faced by this government, and applaud their appreciation for our needs.”

Also Brownell spoke about how important this hospital is to not just people in Cornwall but throughout his riding when he said, “This may be called the Cornwall Community Hospital but it is a necessity for thousands of SD&G residents.”

Another announcement was made today when the Chief Executive Officer Jeanne Despatie said, “In the spring we will see the demolition of this building we are standing in now, to make room for a new state of the art facility.”  This announcement will come with a sigh of relief for Cornwall and surrounding residents who have been waiting years for the new hospital to be built.

Story and Photos courtesy of Markus Noé

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  1. “We understand the very difficulty economic challenges faced by this government, and applaud their appreciation for our needs.”

    Gad you had your needs fulfilled but keep in mind that
    there other Community Hospitals suffering greatly throughout Ontario,yet this current Liberal Gov`t continues to be fiscally irresponsible.

    “..the disclosure could reasonably be expected to be injurious to the financial interests of the Government of Ontario,…”

    Urge all Liberal MPP`s to support MPP Cheri DiNovo`s Bill 222.

    Other Ontario Hospitals running deficits will thank you.

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