Jayhaed Saade – A very Sad story – Live on the Internet – January 20, 2010

14 year old Radio Pirate apparently was hauled into custody today as he raged this weekend after his transmitter and equipment had been confiscated by Industry Canada and the RCMP.

His online feed still had been running all this weekend where he dropped f-bombs and complained about the situation threatening to order more equipment and cutting himself apparently with a knife.

Today he was making phone calls over the air to local police and an Industry Canada employee that led to police visiting him.

Radio websites that have been monitoring his posts and recording his feed have posted some links.

Warning – Extreme Language and juvenile behavior – listen at your own risk.


This whole episode has spiraled.   It’s near inconceivable that a 14 year old can do this without parental supervision of some sort stepping in and putting a stop?

No comments have been made as of posting of this story.  We will update as information becomes available.

“Why are there police here” – Jayhead

“They are looking for you” – Unknown

“Why?” – Jayhead

“Because you said on the air you were going to hurt yourself on the air” – Unknown”

Frankly it’s all sad and disturbing and should never have been allowed to get to this level.  For the history of this mess you can read their WIKI too.

What do you think Canada?

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  1. Jayhaed Saade = non compos mentis. That straitjacket would suit him very well.

  2. That Jayhaed kid needs to be put in a straight jacket. He is a spoiled little brat who has no respect for anything, not even his own parents. His father, Georges Saadé, needs to have is ”father license” revoked for raising such a self-centered child. Can you imagine he ran for mayor of Ottawa while he’s not even able to maintain order in his own house? Scary.

  3. I think Jayhaed can do anything he wants!! He is not a spoilt kid at all. He should be supported and treated in an aggressive way. I wish he does not give up and i am sure he won’t with the canadian people support.
    All the best and do not give up Jayhaed

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