Conan O’Brien & NBC settle for a whole lot of money – Writer’s & staff taken care of. – January 21, 2010

Always take care of your writers.   We Writers are amazing people.  Pasty, pudgy, Lesbian, foot fetishists, occasionally smelly, gassy, and yes, sometimes brilliant; we’re the backbone of society.

Show me a politician and I’ll show you a writer.  Show me a Cartoon on TV no matter how bad the animation and yup, you guessed, there’s a writer.

Someone wrote the small print on the side of a Dixie cup.  Someone wrote great epic poems that civilizations were created and destroyed by.

And yes, someone writes Conan O’Brien’s gags just like he himself wrote gags for The Simpsons a million years ago.

Mr. O’Brien looks like he’s signed a $45 million dollar deal to leave NBC and it looks his writers will be well taken care of and that’s a good thing.

It looks like Friday will be his last show.  It should be fun.

Network management comes and goes.  Writers last forever 🙂

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